Thursday, April 24, 2014

To Sylas the Day Before

This is it, son. 

After some re-scheduling and crazy messing with mommy's emotions, tomorrow is the day.

The day that has the potential to change the way you move forever. To give you more freedom and less pain, with hopes to keep you walking your whole life.

 It's going to be tough, but you conquer tough.

More than anything, I want you to know that the you at this very moment is so very perfect. You have come so far. The way that you walk and climb onto chairs and into the car is a miracle. You, who the doctors told us would never do those things, are amazing.

Making the decision for this surgery has not been easy. Your dad and I have been thinking, praying and talking with doctors about it for more than two years. We have been told over and over again that this could really help you move more freely. You are a great candidate. You are at the exact right age and it absolutely could not be done after the age of 18.

So we are the decision makers. 

I try to put myself in your shoes and when I do that I know that absolutely this is something I would have wanted my parents to have done fore me. 

So we are doing it for you. 

And you are going to rock this thing.

A couple of weeks ago we went out hiking together as a family. Do you remember finding all those treasures and Auggie wanting to jump into the water?

When we were out, we took some video of you. We want to remember how you walk right now. It's so beautiful and such a miracle.

When I try to imagine you after this is all over and you are moving differently, I get so weepy. You know me, crying about everything. It's just that when I look at you I can't help it. When you walk, you inspire. When you talk, you challenge.

And sometimes I can't believe you are still here. That you lived.

That I get to mother you into a grown man.

I'm so proud of you.

*A big thank you to Frances England for allowing us to use her beautiful music.


  1. i just prayed for you, for sy and for all involved!! that video is a miracle in and of its self but i sure hope the surgrey brings him more freedom!!!

    god is good,all the time!

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  3. Brianna, Sylas, Ryan and Family,
    All of our hopes and prayers are with you right now. My heart joins you in longing for the utmost success for your sweet boy. be strong. much love, heather for all of the christopher family

  4. Covering all of YOU in this New Chapter with prayer! God is so amazing and Sylas is living testimony of that!. Sy is an inspiration to all of us! FREEDOM - that is my prayer. Blessings -Denise

  5. You ALL are a picture of grace in motion. Blessings.

  6. Sylas - Mr. E knows you will be ready to roll for action when the Doctors give you the go sign! The doctors and nurses will have our God the great physician guiding them all every step of the way helping you get better. Love you buddy.

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. I am praying for this amazing little miracle of a man and praying for your family also as you walk through this time. Paying for perfect and divine guidance as the surgeons do their job, praying that you feel the hand of our Lord holding you all.

  8. Beautiful video, our prayers go up for Sylas as he heads toward surgery. He is definitely a miracle, and I'm sure his siblings in heaven are praying for him too!

  9. Tears. Happy happy happy tears. Love you all.

  10. With a miracle like that to call my own, I would be one weepy mama too! What a beautiful, perfect child. I loved watching this video of him. It made my heart happy and I don't even personally know him. My little 3 year-old watched this precious video clip with me and he commented excitedly, "Oh! He's dancing!" <3

    PRAYING for a great surgery and fantastic results. You're doing the very best for Silas and he is SO LUCKY to have you for his parents.

  11. You're so right, Sylas is perfectly beautiful!

  12. We are praying expectantly with you, and a multitude of others! Sylas, you are everything your mother said ... Always listen to her; she's brilliant ;) Loving you all the way from MN!

  13. Moved to tears...he is such a miracle!! Loved seeing him walk...the whole family. Praying that today goes well and can't wait to see the rest of this story. Just such a miracle. And what a perfect song! Amazing!

  14. I couldn't stop crying reading your words. They breathe of the most tender places of your mother's heart and it is just so beautiful. I feel honored to be given a window to your heart through your words and a glimpse of this miracle boy you've been gifted. I'll fall asleep praying for your entire brave family and especially your mighty superhero. <3


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