Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers, Love and Other Things

When I was seven, I prayed for 10 babies. I really prayed. From my heart.

I've already had 8.

It feels strange to think about. We are done having biological babies. My body is tired. Already at 30, I'm weary, still trying to recover. But my heart. Oh, my heart is not tired. It is big and has room to for more. 

As a family, we feel called to adoption. We talk about it with our children. Ivy said she wants a girl. Sylas, a boy. Then they said maybe we should adopt both.

That would be 10. 

I don't know the when or the how, but one thing I do know....there is room.

This mama heart can love.

It is overflowing with love. Love for our babies here and in Heaven and for those we don't yet know by name.

So, to all of you mothers. Those with babes home, or babes grown, or babes with Jesus or babes not quite known, Happy Mother's Day. 

You are so very lovely.


  1. Oh thanks for sharing your heart!

    And remember moms in all circumstances.

    Always excited when I see you've written.


  2. I loved reading your beautiful words. I do hope you find that special little girl and boy somewhere out there. They would be so lucky to have wonderful parents like you and such a lovely sister and brothers.

  3. What a beautiful call to adoption! We are also called and have been going through the process of adopting a little girl from China. Excitedly we are passed the home study phase and on to the dossier steps. So excited!! Congratulations on your new adventure too!

  4. Yes! I love it, Bri! And I will pray for His timing and provision and grace for that journey ahead. Easy? - maybe not. Worth it? - absolutely!

  5. thanks for sharing your heart. you are such a beautiful writer, I always enjoy your posts.

  6. I know we are called to adopt and am waiting for my husband to hear that call. =) Every the pragmatist, he always has a reason why we shouldn't/can't/won't. But I know what he doesn't...the Lord's softly spoken words that it will happen someday. BTW-I have a 23 weeker!


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