Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leash Parents

I owe you an apology.

Yes, you with the child on a leash.

I'm sorry I have judged you harshly. I did so in ignorance, and I'm ashamed.

Do you see this guy? Isn't he adorable?

He runs. Fast.

His silent, stealthy feet carry his tiny self away before I can blink.

I'm afraid I might lose him. He's hard to find in a crowd. 

So, you. You with the child on a leash.  Teach me your ways.

I want to be one of you. 

Where can I find a contraption to keep August tethered to my side? Preferably one that doesn't make him look like my puppy.


  1. Look at the magazine One Step Ahead.. Or I think I saw them at walmart..
    Melissa K

  2. I know nothing about these leashes but when I have kids I am all for them after hearing your take on them!

    Your youngest is quite handsome - so adorable! :)

  3. I saw one at Walmart- almost got it when traveling overseas with Sitora. I didn't end up buying it, but I have a feeling Peter might need one! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep your kid alive ;)

  4. My third child was that way too, so one day I bought one of the really cute "leashes" in Target. After check out, I tried to put it on, but apparently I did it wrong because when he tried to run, his feet went out from under him, and he fell flat on his face (and busted his lip). I felt like everyone in the store was staring at me like I was the worst parent in the world. I don't think he ever wore it again. I'm sure your experience will be better though. Just make sure to try it out on some soft grass or carpet. ;-)

  5. I like the ones that just strap on to the wrist, you could likely get them at amazon. But I thought I would let you know what special ed teachers often do with runners. We reward walking and practice. So we take them in a safe place, walk and use a verbal praise then we say " stop" and make a huge deal over following the command. Typically we also supply a reward such a piece of food or a special toy. It sounds like dog training but it works and we teach them a life skill. It takes a lot of practice, but highly effective. i have also had parents who take their kids out with specific toys, they can hold them only if they walk and stay with them, if they run, the toy is gone. That said, I see nothing wrong with the leashes, they provide a safety factor and that is top priority. You could also use it as a consequence, if you do not stay with Mommy then you will need to wear this. Also, if he runs them there can be a consequence such as an immediate time out or if possible leave the activity. Hard with 2 others. I am a preschool special ed teacher, so sorry, just relaying what I tell some parents!

  6. They have these little backpacks in the uk that go over shoulders and clasp at the chest which have a grab handle at the top and a leash that attaches. They can keep toys and snacks in them and it makes them feel grown up. They are also cute, they come in loads of animals (dinosaur spines, ladybird shells, clown fish etc). They are a company called little life. Really recommend them!

  7. I'm 5 for 5 with fast runners. I am no help tho because I usually carry Ethan backwards on my hip (so he can't push me away or kick) and make a bee-line straight to the next place I can buckle him down. On a related note, I love me a drive thru.

  8. I used one with my son Will. It was so helpful to keep him close. I used the one that was a puppy dog back pack on him. It was useful and didn't look too much like a leash. Oh I loved keeping him safe with me. Mine looked a lot like this:

  9. My mom tied tiny bells onto the middle of our shoelaces before they were threaded into our shoes. Then she could hear us when we were walking and we enjoyed the noise.


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