Monday, August 27, 2012

Here I Am

I awoke to the last week of my twenties. And as I went about routine, I wondered, is every decade this life changing?

In ten years, I've lived abroad, finished college and married my forever love. 

I've been pregnant three times,  birthed eight babies, and said good-bye to five. 

I have loved deeply and mourned deeply. 

I have experienced grace. Oh, sweet grace, to face tragedy and still live. 

As I showered with my summer shampoo....the one that smells of coconut and sunshine, a cool autumn breeze flowed through the window and I felt it. 

Transition. A change. 

Something new.

My baby, perhaps our last, turns one year old next week. Yes, change.

We decided, just last week, that it would be better for Sylas to be schooled in our home than in a classroom. 

At least for this year.

Excitement fills me, but long skinny tendrils of apprehension try to choke it out. Do I know how to do this?

Do any of us know how to do this? But, oh, yes. 


That sweet grace. There is help along the way.