Thursday, May 24, 2012


My little sis [who is living with us for the summer] brought home daisies yesterday. They are happy. 

And I am too, mostly.

Life has thrown a lot of punches, but we aren't knocked down so hard that we can't get up. 

This morning I took a walk and the sight of doughy baby knees in the stroller made me smile.

Thank you for all of your advice, encouragement and love as I've been dealing with health issues. My gallbladder looks good and nothing seems too serious that I can't be mended.

The main problem is my iron. It's in the pits. So much so, that I probably should have a transfusion, but the the doc is giving me a bit of time to get it up myself. Daily doses of floradix and already I am feeling much better.

My day will be happy. I hope yours is too.


  1. oh no, hope you are able to be back to normal asap!!

    prayers coming your way:)

    enjoy your summer with your sis!

    and my goodness,august is looking so big (and cuteeeee!1)

  2. So so sooo glad you are feeling better! Praying things will continue to get better.

  3. I usually check your blog every day and hope to see you back - so good to see a post today! Enjoy your family and feel better!

  4. sending a cyber-hug.
    enjoy having your sis with you! that sounds so wonderful.

  5. Thinking of you this week, and the weeks to come. I hope you're health issues resolve quickly.

    Happy Birthday to Sylas, a day early!

  6. I just had my second child and my iron levels are really low... I totally understand! I hope your medical team figures it out soon! I know that I wouldn't be able to make it with my hubby who is using all of his time off of work to take care of us.

  7. just a note to let you know I'm thinking of you. hug!

  8. Just checking in- hope you are well!


  9. I'm praying for your health, your family and your return to blogging. (Sending cyber hugs now)

  10. I just started this blog thing and came across yours...After having my children I dealt with some of the worst health issues of my life. My thyroid stopped working and I turned into an estrogen monster! Hopefully your iron levels will rise and you will be clear-headed once again. Anemia is the pits. I suffered from anemia in college as a dance major when I had my period for six months....yes, six months. It took me about three months to feel normalish again. I hope you will feel better soon, very soon. COme visit me soon BTW, i love your design and layout! Awesome!

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