Friday, March 30, 2012

Will We Fly?

From the backseat, he asks these profound questions like, Why can't we hear God's voice?, and How will we get to Heaven...will we fly?.

I think things through and sometimes my answers seem right. Spoken in a way he can understand. And other times, I wonder if he gets it. That maybe some of this stuff is too complicated for his four year old mind.

These conversations  often turn to his brothers and sisters. He knows each of them by name and can't wait to get to Heaven to play with them.

Daddy, do you think Heaven has toys?

Daddy answers, I'm sure Heaven has the coolest toys.

Oh. Oh, yeah. But they are only for boys. Boy toys.

I ask what his sisters are doing.

He pauses, then replies. They're just dancing around.

Dancing around with Jesus.

My heart stills then beats widly with sorrow and joy.

Oh, yes. His young mind understands.

Oft times, better than my old one.


  1. this post took my breath away; he certainly does get it!

    God is SO real. By evidence of your sweet boy, and his brothers and sisters.

    Praying for you.

  2. Just tears. Thank you for sharing and reminding me that our little ones remember Heaven better than we do. <3

  3. What a sweetie. He is growing up so fast, he looks like Ryan.

  4. So, so beautiful, Brianna. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Amazing and so beautiful...tears the whole way through. If we could only have faith like a child...he truly gets it.

  6. So Sweet.

    I wrote about something so similar recently that my 4 year old asked me.

  7. Oh Bri - this is such a beautiful post. Even without the heavy heart you have, I oft forget the joys of our world. Blessings to you all.

  8. I love how kids see heaven! and to know that you have family there waiting for you... the hope and the promises of our wonderful God. beautiful post!

  9. Your sweet boy is incredibly amazing.

  10. Yes, what a miracle! I pray for my little boy all the time: for him to understand about God, for him to grasp faith, for him to believe in the promise of heaven. At 2, he has recently started asking me, "Mommy? Talk to God." It seems he always asks me to talk to God when he is tired or troubled. I think that he understands better than I do sometimes.

  11. He's an amazing little man....
    Such an inspiration!!!
    - Mara

  12. Beautiful. Sometimes I believe children understand heaven the best because they are so close to God.

  13. Hope you are feeling better...then here comes Mother's many memories. Wishing you peace for your children in heaven, and joy for the ones here on earth.


  14. I'm praying for you x

  15. What a wise little man.

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