Friday, February 17, 2012

R S Valentine

We have had sick babies in our house for almost two weeks. And on Monday, our sweet little August was diagnosed with RSV

When Sylas was little, we were scared to death of him getting RSV, so when I heard the doctor say the test was positive, I immediately thought hospital.

But no. Not August. Our tough little eating machine has held his own, and we have been able to avoid the hospital and treat him at home. Every day he is improving and yesterday was the first day he didn't need a breathing treatment in almost a week. 

Just in time. On Sunday we will be dedicating August at our church and we will spend the weekend celebrating his life. The Morrisons are coming in from Minneapolis and we'll have a big dinner with both sides of the family. 

Life has been crazy, but someday I really do need to tell you more about the baby of our family. He is the sweetest, jolliest little fella, and I'm so happy he's well.


  1. OMG he is so cute!! So glad August is doing better, hope everyone else will be too!
    Teri O'Grady

  2. 'Tis the season. My 6-month-old niece ended up in the hospital with RSV a few weeks ago, but thankfully came through it just fine. I, too, have a preemie and immediately thought the worst, but my little LeeLee was a trouper.

  3. Oh honey! We were just discharged today, 2/17, from the hospital with my 2 year old with RSV complications. Such a scary thing! I'm so glad you were able to treat at home and he is doing well. I can't believe how big he's gotten!! Hope YOU are doing well through this storm as well!

  4. He's just precious! Happy to hear he's doing well and praying you have a blessed weekend in many way!

  5. oh man, what a doll ghe is!!! he looks like a good mix of you guys :)

    glad he is able to heal at home!!

    have a lovely weekend celebrating your littlest blessing with your family!!

    God is great!

  6. I babysit at my house, and I have 9 kids who rotate through during the week (usually 6 or 7 a day). ALL of them got RSV in the last two weeks and I feel so blessed that nobody ended up in the hospital. It can be really scary though.

    I'm so glad that August is doing so well. He is such a cutie!! Have a fun weekend with your friends and family. :)

  7. So glad August is on the mend! Such awesome cuteness! You must be soooo busy with three - waiting for August's pic and description on your sidebar thingie - "The Bug", "The Sis", and "The ______"

  8. My oldest had RSV at 18 months and it was 8 days of no eating, 104 temp from an ear infection secondary to it, wheezing and breathing issues, and it was scary. We were one day away from being put in the hospital when she turned the corner. I was still nursing her and that is what saved her. It was awful. I am so glad he is feeling better. My 15 month old has had 2 colds, 1 ear infection, and 2 rounds of the stomach bug over the past 2 months.

  9. oh, I hope he is doing better... so not fun! but, he is JUST ADORABLE!!!

  10. oh my gosh.....he is SO beautiful!! he looks like a sweet, happy baby ;) And definitely a mix of you two - b/c the first picture he is YOU and the last picture he is your husband!

    I'm sorry he's been sick, but thankful you've been able to treat him at home....

    hope you enjoyed your family and celebrating August's life and dedicating him to the Lord. What a blessing after such a long, tiring week, no?

  11. Glad to hear all is well.I hate when they scare you like that! Our oldest is 5 and has reactive airway (similar to asthma, but only when sick) and man that panic you feel is indescribible.


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