Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freeze Please

Yesterday, Ryan came home and said, I want to freeze time and go away with you for awhile.

Yes, Love. Me too. 

We don't want to hurry our kids along towards independence. We want to enjoy them in all of their neediness and enjoy each other. 

It's difficult to do both. Do you ever feel this? 

I was looking through my photo albums and found this photo Ryan took of me. It was my birthday, two days before August made his rapid arrival. And now our sweet babe is five months old.

Time. Please freeze.


  1. Such a gorgeous photo. And yes, time goes WAY too fast...

  2. what a lovely photo!!

    glad to hear you guys are doing well :)

  3. Hi Brianna, it's been awhile since I stopped by, congratulations on the birth of August... I'm so happy for you. The photos are beautiful... oh yes they grow up to fast...
    Thank you for popping by my blog... I'll be setting up an Etsy shop very soon... :) will let you know, when it happens...

  4. My Ryan and I share many of these thoughts.. wanting to enjoy the here and now (even the neediness). AND how to enjoy each other now? Its a challenge to balance as I'm sure it should be. Great post.

    Always love your photos, friend.

  5. Completely understand :) I think it makes our times with our husbands that much more special because we crave it even more. Those spontaneous kisses in the kitchen and "I love you"'s in passing can mean so much more than they ever used to :)Hope you can do something special with your hubby for Valentine's Day!

  6. I completely agree.

    Oh, and my baby was born 2 days after my birthday,too! She's 5 1/2 months old.


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