Thursday, January 26, 2012

Princess Style

How is it that she's older?

She turned 3 and started a massive growth she finally grew out of her 18-24 month jeans. 

She had her first friend birthday party. 

We continued our cupcake tradition and after each one [the frosting] was devoured we heard the sound of sugar. Squeely, giggly sugar. And then we sent it all home.

Happiest 3rd Birthday, my sweet. 

Also, wow I need to change the pictures on my sidebar.


  1. Such beautiful photos - Ivy is just gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks for the amazing party! It was a blast- Sitora loved every second of it. Ivy is sweetheart :)

  3. You need to add August too. So grown up alread!

  4. She's beautiful Bri! Happy Birthday Ivy.

  5. She is a beautiful child!


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