Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't Judge Me

Do you remember this?

My goal of getting rid of the pacifiers before August was born was only slightly successful. 

We got it down to one. He wasn't ready. I was huge and tired. It wasn't happening. 

Then our friends came for Thanksgiving and gave me this brilliant idea.

Bribery. A reward.

"Sylas, if you can sleep five nights without your paci, we'll give you a Packer beanie hat."

Three nights down, two to go. 

It's totally working.


  1. I'm not above bribery(ahem, rewarding). May or may not have used it to potty-train my second child. Oh, okay, fine, I totally used it.

  2. I love the picture! We all fight our own battles, so don't feel bad about the pacifier. I'm so glad the bribery is working though. :)

  3. We were finally able to get rid of Layla's on her 3rd b-day by bribing her with a Dora comforter. It was still hard since she always fell asleep with it in her mouth, but by the third day we had turned a corner and were all sleeping better. Good luck!

  4. good idea :)

    at least ivy is good to go!

  5. The pacifier "fairy" came to visit Genna:) Yup bribery and lying about fairies... Parent of the year ~ not so much:/

  6. What an adorable photo! You have such a beautiful family!

  7. Oh I have one who will not let go of his pacifier either. My oldest hung on to hers for an embarrassing amount of time. I may be the one with the problem :).

  8. You need to add August to your side bar thingy.
    'Rewards' are always the way to go...

  9. Have him cut it up on day six BEFORE you give him his reward...Then it will be done. Otherwise he may just expect the pacifier back after doing what you required to get the reward.

  10. so glad it's working!!
    i would have a hard time taking a paci away from that cute face, too!!!! ;)

    xo. chelsea

  11. @Anonymous
    Why should he have to cut his paci on day six? The deal was that he would get a reward if he slept five nights without it, it didn't say anything about giving it up for good (even if that's what Bri was hoping for). If he wants it back after those five nights, she should keep her end of the bargain.


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