Monday, October 31, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

And we've been spending a lot of time there. 

So much sickness in the house and it's making me crazy. I think [I hope] we are nearing the end. The kids feel good. I feel good. Now we are waiting on the daddy. Sometimes I wonder why we live in this state and not in some warmer climate that isn't a breeding ground for germs. 

And why can't I put them in a bubble so they will always be safe?

But this makes us [our bodies] stronger, right? Better equipped to live. And maybe that's how it is with all of life.

The hurts, the joys, the grief...if we don't experience these things and we protect ourselves in our own personal bubble, who would we be? 

Safe, yes.

But alone.

And with no depth of character.

So we pry our eyes open, and drink chicken noodle soup, and we love and we live. 

Out of the bubble.


  1. oh my word, they are adorable!!! :)

    happy halloween!

    i hope you ALL stay healthy now.

  2. so sorry your family has been under the weather :( but those costumes are absolutely adorable!!

  3. Beautifully said! And oh my cuteness - you're kids are A.DOR.ABLE!

  4. well said....

    painfully true...

    wonderfully true...

    all at the same time

  5. Love the costumes. They are so cute. Did you make them? Julie

  6. BTW, we live in TX and our kids are all sick this time of year too! Cute costumes!

  7. Best costumes ever!!!


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