Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Call Me Mom

These pictures are from a few weeks ago. We live really close to Lake Michigan, yet we hardly ever go there. I'm not sure why. We should. It's beautiful. 

It makes me happy. It makes them happy. 

Their independence seems to be growing by the day. 

They call me Mom now. 

Thank goodness we're having another. I want to be Mommy for just a little while longer.

[The winner of the NEEDTOBREATHE album is Jenny D. I'll be sending you an email shortly].


  1. lake michigan is gorgeous... love visiting there! precious pictures

  2. Isn't it different when they call you 'mom' ... I thought it was such a silly thing ... although mine do still say mommy at times ... OH ... and they do say 'Tina' too ... which is funny as it is when they hear someone else call me that:)

  3. Your photos are stunning. My oldest calls me Mom too. Oh my heart...


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