Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Style Superhero

She likes to pick out her own clothes now. Which may or may not include boots and legwarmers in eighty million degree weather.

She blazes her own trail, making her mark. This girl is ready for anything.

The other day it was a tutu, a tank, an apron and her rain boots. 

She was so delighted with her attire, that she twirled and spun in front of her mirror for a full 15 minutes. She asked if I wanted to spin, but content in my watching, I said, "Not right now, baby."

She replied with the most compassionate tone, "You're too big, mama?"

[Well, I kinda am...31 weeks and counting].

But that's not how I want to live, content in observing, but not participating. 

When does this happen, this getting too big

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On Ivy...

Halter Top (aka Super Hero Cape) - Matilda Jane
Bathing Suit - Target
Legwarmers - Babylegs
Boots - Bearpaw 


  1. oh goodness that's too fantastic! hehe... I can only hope our Azi will be such a funky self-dresser when she hits that stage. Congrats on the soon coming new addition then?! We're preggo with our second.. only 13 weeks in now. You're only too big if the ground seems to low to steep to I figure... or if people say they 'look up to you' :o)

  2. that is so great! Lily would like to wear her boots all the time also

  3. oh, that's adorable! It will be funny to see what my daughter chooses once she gets to that age!

  4. The combination looks great!


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