Saturday, August 13, 2011


I am dying to tell you all about our fabulous trip to Chicago. But I can't right now, because we're moving. 



We found a sweet little house to rent that will suit the needs of our growing family much better than our 2 bedroom apartment. 

So, needless to say things are bit crazy right now. 

But I do need to mention that Seth and all the guys from NEEDTOBREATHE are truly remarkable. I look at the photos that Ryan took and I get so emotional. Here we have this little guy who wears glasses and leg braces and walks with a walker and these four guys treated him with such respect and kindness. 

They gave him dignity in who is. They made him feel remarkable. 

See! I'm not even looking at the pictures, but writing those last few lines has me in tears. 

For now I'll leave you with a couple of photos of Sylas and Seth from our lunch on Tuesday. Amazing concert details to come.


  1. hope the move goes smoothly!!

    can't wait to hear more about chicago and needtobreathe :)

    God is great!

  2. that is awesome! love the pics :) praying your move goes well!

  3. Congrats on the move! Awesome photos!


  4. Good luck with the move.

    These photos are so fun. It warms my heart to hear how awesome these guys are with Sylas. :)

  5. Wonderful!
    Good luck with the move! ;D

  6. I found out about your blog recently, and I'm moved by your story. I've always been a big fan of NEEDTOBREATHE, and this makes them even better to me, to see that they care about a little boy. I'm only fifteen and I plan to expose my little ones to this kind of music when I get older. NEEDTOBREATHE is a great band to let your little boy listen too.
    Amy from VA


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