Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Check, Check. Reality Check.

Potty training my children has always been really scary for me. It was this big unknown and seemed insurmountable. Then one day a couple of months ago, Sylas said to me, "Mom. I think I need to wear underwear now. And I think I need to use the toilet."


You know the crazy thing, is that he is and he does. It was that easy. 

I had 2 goals for Sylas before this new baby arrives. 

1. Potty trained  

At this point I'm feeling pretty good  about myself. 


2. Getting rid of the pacifiers


Looks like we have our work cut out for us.


  1. I think it's perfectly hilarious that my son also potty trained over the past week (of his own choosing, which was oddly simple) with not only the same potty, but also the same new Super Why undies. um, yeah, he's pretty happy with himself. Go boys go!

  2. I'd take potty trained over losing a pacifier any day. Way to go Sylas!!

  3. I love how his lip is up over the pacifier. He is so adorable!

    Pick your battles, and don't beat yourself up if you decide to wait. I thought our last child would be really hard to take the pacifier away and then we lost them all one day. He went to bed without one, and when I started finding them, I just put them away. So maybe it won't be as bad as you think. Good luck!

  4. My daughter also decided that she wanted to potty train - at 22 months of age! And she just did it - no accidents, day or night.

    My son was well past three, had not interest, took months to train, and was still having accidents for years.

    No rhyme or reason here...

  5. O goodness, that pic of him with the passel of pacis is too funny! :D

    I have my first pacifier baby in my third and she ADORES it. Gonna be interesting to break her of it...

  6. Oh hahah oh what a cutie! Good on him for learning to be potty trained

  7. I love the picture of the pacis! I think we all need something in our environment that is comforting.... maybe he'll switch from a paci to something else that brings him comfort!

    Remember - I don't think that I've ever seen anyone walk down the aisle with a paci, so we all move on at our own pace.... :-)

  8. My youngest was 5 plus before he finally gave up his pacifier. We had a lot going on with his older brother's heart and my theory was he needed the comfort b/c he was shifted to grandparents quite often while were at doctors visits , the hospital etc. Out of my 3 he is the ONLY one that doesn't need braces. God totally gave me a break because He knew it was what we needed. When my kiddo was older he knew to take it out when certain people were around, cracked me up.
    PS He is also almost 13 and way past the pacifier days. LOL.

  9. I hate potty training - mostly because, selfishly, it's annoying to have to stop what I'm doing all the time (driving, shopping, etc.) to take a kid to the potty. Add twins training into the mix, and I was dreading it. But I've been surprised about how easy it's been - and about how Davis was the one who did the best with it out of all three kids.

    Go Sylas:)

  10. Yep it is pretty much one of the scariest thing, those binkies! i just made little ms cashlens dissapear the day after 4th of july. she does ask for her binky and i tell her i will go try to find it. it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it might be and she was addicted!!! good luck and glad to hear things are going so well

  11. We had the "pacifier fairy" come to visit both of our kids. They wrote letters to the fairy and put their pacifiers in a gift bag and we hung it up in the garage (high enough so they couldn't reach!) and the fairy just came overnight and took the bag. She left a bike. I know, a big thing, but we were desperate and it was time for a bike anyway, so... why not? ;-)

  12. Hi Brianna, I love the photo of Sylas, my kids have all been super attached to their pacifiers as well. What worked for us was making saying good - bye to the pacifier almost like a right of passage... We made a big deal about it and even had a party to celebrate the occasion complete with a cake a one present, their new stuffy ( i took them to choose it before the big day) that would come to bed with them now instead of the paifier. Our family got togther to say good bye to the pacifer and so whenever our kids asked about it we would say, remember the party we had when we said good - bye to them etc... anyhow, it worked us :) Good Luck :)

  13. I'd take potty trained over the paci battle any day :)

    I have to say though (don't hate me people) that I completely regret taking my daughter's paci away from her. Once we took it away (we had previously restricted it to solely bed use... if she wanted to use it she had to be in bed) her sleep habits went to complete crap!!! Turns out she was using her Paci as a way of getting her oral sensory input out of the way and it really worked her SPD overtime....

    Good luck in whatever you do!!!

  14. so cute. my girls loved paci's too

  15. At 3 we did a "Goodbye Passy" Party for Arden and he loved the cake, the streamers and all the fun for sure. But it still didn't make it easy going to bed that night for him w/o his passy. However, after that night he left it behind. Passy's are critical to little boys for sure. Bless you guys!!

  16. Oh i am so glad im not the only one who feels this way. We have a baby coming in October and my 28 month old son still has a pacifier and not potty trained. We just started working on potty training again and i hope that it will work but no have any issues after baby girl arrives in a few short months. I was just talking to my hubby about how these feel like really big hurdles that we have to get over before life can go on. Good luck with the paci! Love your blog!


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