Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes I Break the Rules

Normally I'm a rule follower. 

Not because I necessarily love rules, but because I hate to get in trouble. 

Or make anyone unhappy.

Last weekend my parents kept the kids so Ryan and I could celebrate our anniversary. Two whole days and nights kid free at home. It was glorious.

One of the nights we went out for dinner, and I must have been feeling very brave.

This is not my Vespa.

Just looking at this photo makes me feel guilty.


  1. Love it! I often wish I was brave enough to break the rules more often - I follow them for exactly the same reasons you do! You've inspired me to find my way outside of my box now!

    And congrats on your anniversary! May you be blessed with many more fulfilling years together!

  2. Glad you hopped on - you got a great picture out of it!:)

  3. Oh Bri... I love it! Love the photo... love that you did this:). The photo captures something GREAT about you... not sure what the word would be to describe this GREAT thing, but maybe I'll think of it when I'm off in dreamland tonight:).

  4. It didn't hurt anyone, did it? And you look fabulous. And dear Bri, I pray it's just the beginning. I used to follow all of the rules too. Just look at me now! ( : You might want to check out this post...

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  6. I'm sure the man/woman who owned the vespa would not mind seeing a cute pregnant lady posing for a picture on their Vespa! lol


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