Thursday, June 23, 2011

Four Years - Cadence

Cadence Alana - "Beautiful rhythm." 

Sixth born. The smallest. 

Dancer in the womb.

Four years without you is too long. One day, you and I will dance before the throne of grace.



  1. And what a wonderful, beautiful day that will be!


  2. My mama heart breaks all over again for yours. Praying you through this time, Bri. Hugs to you.
    - Beth in MI, (for some reason blogger won't let me post comments from my account? hmph...)

  3. With pink tutus and Princess crowns!

  4. Brianna,

    I've been remembering your babies with you these weeks. What a sad time that was 4 years ago - and how you miss them still. Every time I remember you and your amazing journey with those 6, I praise God for His mercy and wisdom in allowing you to parent Sylas. Such a miracle he is! I'm sure it's hard every year to celebrate their birthday to be followed by all of those other dates so close by. And yet, you remember in hope, and wait for the day when you will see them again. What a day that will be! Hang in there, mama!


  5. Hi Brianna, not sure if you remember me because I'm not sure we actually met. I was a student at BCOM the same year that you had your babies. I remember someone coming into our class the day your little ones were born, asking us to pray over their lives. We stopped our class and prayed for you all. I remember writing each of your babies names in my prayer journal and praying over them one by one. I remember praying for sweet Cadence. How sweet to think that one day you and she WILL dance before the throne together! What a beautiful hope.


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