Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Style with Ivy Girl

I asked her if she wanted to have her picture taken and she nodded her vigorous nod that always makes me giggle. Then she posed.

I told Ryan this morning that I'm truly happy with the order and gender of our children. I know that middle kids often feel left out, but Ivy is the only girl which is pretty special.

And she is ALL girl. Can you tell she likes her socks?

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Dress: Splendid Littles for Target
Socks: Matilda Jane
Hair Clip: Bloomz on Etsy

You know, the silly thing is that I hesitated to post these pictures because my birdcage pillow wasn't straight and the ledge in the background is a mess (see that black stringy thing?). 

But it's the truth.

Our life is full of sideways pillows and hanging down cords. It's all jumbled.

And I think that's ok.


  1. i bought audrey a couple of outfits from target that are splendid when it was on sale and i love how comfortable the material is. that ivy is a doll, and isn't it funny how naturally they take to such girlie things?

    and just for the record, i didn't know the cord or pillow upside down till you pointed it out. :)

  2. i love that she loves her socks. she's so pretty

  3. wow, if your house is messy, then my house is just horrible. the background looks great, sometimes i have piles of toys, laundry and always chipped paint on baseboards. but if i were to never post because of those things i would never get to document the lives of my babies. cause your right it is real and it's OUR life. she looks gorgeous =)

  4. You are just so loveable and (can I say?) cute:-). I'm glad you posted the pics. I can imagine what she must be like, cause Johnny's the same age. xo

  5. Oh my, she is so sweet! I love the striped dress with the argyle socks.
    I was a middle child in between two brothers and it was actually pretty fun (and it still is)!

  6. Little Ivy is so sweet, she looks adorable with her pretty pink socks!

  7. Oh, your house looks like mine on one of my very best days!!! Ivy is beautiful and I can't believe how big she is getting. Our kids are girl-boy-girl and I'm pleased that our "middle" child is also an "only" in the gender department. I love your thoughts and the little pieces of your world that we get to see.

  8. She is adorable and I don't blame her for loving those socks, they are fabulous!

  9. Ivy is so adorable! I love that little outfit and her posing. So sweet!

    I definitely did not notice anything messy or out of place. That pretty girl of yours steals the show. :)

  10. Gorgeous and LOVE the outfit!

  11. It's a good life! Don't hide it.

  12. such a cute girl! And um... a sideways pillow and the string from a camera does NOT count as messy and un-shareable! Honestly if that is bad then I should never show my house to anyone again! lol

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