Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Birdie

I have this crazy love growing in my heart for my not yet born boy. I think of him and I feel excitement. I pray for him and I'm filled with joy. 

This love and desire to mother my child is coming straight from God, because physically, I'm not feeling awesome.  I'm 21 weeks and still throwing up almost every day. At my 20 week appointment, I stepped on the scale and I had only gained 1 pound. TOTAL. 

Which leads to a bigger question. Where WAS all of this?

We have a name ready. It's perfect and fits so well with the way God is changing our hearts during this pregnancy. 

And we're meanies. We don't tell until the baby arrives. 

I did tell Ivy the other day because I wanted to hear her say his name in her sweet little voice. Later in the day, I asked her, "Ivy, what's your baby brother's name?"

And she said, "Baby Tweet Tweet." 

We'll go with that for now. 


  1. OOOO look at that beautiful pregnant belly :) So excited for you and your little boy growing inside! What a gift.

  2. Beautiful belly that has carried 8 beautiful lives. God is good!

  3. I'm sorry you feel awful and are still throwing up. But? Your belly is beautiful and growing and YEAH for baby boys!
    Praying for you and Baby Tweet Tweet ~ may God provide you a peace that surpasses all understanding from this point forward in your pregnancy.....hugs!


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