Monday, April 4, 2011

A Name Change

You all would not believe the progress that Sylas is making with his walking. He consistently takes 8-10 steps for us at home and 15-25 for his therapist! Today Ryan took the kids to the library while I did some cleaning for a friend and Sylas walked 15 FEET without falling.

On Wednesday we'll take Sylas to Children's Hospital to have more botox injections and this time he'll also be getting phenol in his adductors and hamstrings. We are hoping this will loosen him up enough to get him to even more independent walking.  

He'll need to be under general anesthetic for this, so if you are a pray-er....please pray. 

Last week, Sylas had his first visit with an orthopedic surgeon. Eventually, as he grows, he'll probably need some minor surgeries to release his hamstrings or lengthen his heel chords, but for now we'll just keep on plugging along as we have been. 

When the surgeon walked into the exam room, this is the conversation that ensued...

Doc: Hello, I'm Dr. ....
Me: Brianna Morrison, it's nice to meet you.
Doc: You must be Sylas.
Sy: Yes, I'm Sylas Morrison
Doc: Well, hello Sylas Morrison. What's your middle name?
Sy: Cutie Cutie.

And there you have it.


  1. that's fantastic news with the walking-go sylas! and i will be praying!

  2. That's so great! And a wonderful middle name too.

  3. oh how must be doing a great job mama.

  4. Praise the Lord! So awesome, I will pray for Sylas and his procedures to go well and to keep making quick progress in his walking! God is so good. Bless you and your family.

  5. Aw - what a sweet little man! And 15 steps - AMAZING news! Praying the surgery goes well!

  6. Awesome Update! Sylas Cutie Cutie, what a perfect fit :) will be praying all goes well.

  7. Love it! What a miracle. What an awesome Father we serve! Sylas is such a joy :)

  8. I stumbled on your blog by pressing "next blog". What a nice surprise! You all are such a cute family and your blogging leaves me feeling blessed to glimpse your lives. I have prayed for Sylas and I believe God will gift the hands of the doctor but also gift his body to not need the extent of "help" originally thought. Pinging Blessings back to you! By the way -- Zerilius is a fictional character. I'm Clare.

  9. This is such great news. I love that little boy. I am so happy to hear about his giant leaps. He is a living miracle and every step he takes is proof of that.

    I'm glad you are well enough to blog. I would love to see your belly. How many weeks are you now?

  10. beautiful belly! You should consider getting your belly painted!!/pages/Gossamer-Designs/112398635440414


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