Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Style: Courtesy of Daddy

She wants to be like him. To do what he does.

He leads. She follows. Just the way it should be. He is the big brother.

Today, we're participating in Small Style. Thank you to daddy for getting the children dressed so I could make a Starbucks run.

On Sylas: Mini Boden pants and tee from the end of season sale, H&M cardigan.
On Ivy: Matilda Jane dress, leggings and sweater cardigan... all purchased second hand, headband made by me.


  1. How precious and adorable are they? So stylish and oh so cute!

    Thank you so much for linking up. I'm so glad that you did because I am absolutely loving your blog. Amazing!

  2. they are so, so cute! i'm all about getting brand name things on sale or second-hand. and matilda jane second hand-whoa!? awesome! daddy did an awesome job getting them dressed!

  3. this is just adorable. what cuties! :)


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