Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Update and Tails of a Pig

I'm getting better.

I think.

My days are better at least. This is the 1st time during one of my pregnancies that there has been a marked difference between night and day. Nights are still my nemesis, but hopefully that will pass soon. Ryan has been amazing, taking over dinner, bedtime and clean-up. I love that guy.

And in really happy news.

Ivy will now wear pigtails [without excessive sobbing]!!!

It's very happy indeed.


  1. She's adorable! And I hope you are feeling well soon. Nights were always the worst for me!


  2. so gald to hear you are feeling a little better!

    man, that sweet ivy is getting so big!!! she looks so much older with the adorable pigtails :)

  3. Funny ... with this pregnancy .... I had horrible all-day sickness for the first 14 weeks ... and then continued to have horrible after 3pm sickness throughout it .... if I didn't have dinner made by noonish ... it was not happening ... it has been yucky:(
    Hope you feel all the way better soon!

  4. I was just talking about you with Noemi yesterday, wondering if the lack of posts meant you weren't feeling any better yet. Glad to hear you're at least getting your days back. Love ya!

  5. Yay for feeling better! Also, yay for pigtails - what a cutie!!!


  6. I don't remember if I congratulated you or not, but WOO HOO! What wonderful news and I'll be praying (seriously, I'm praying for the nausea to subside even more and for a safe and healthy pregnancy. When you're feeling better, maybe we can finally plan a Children's Museum trip. ;)


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