Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have lots to say, but no energy to say it. 

Quoting from my last post:

....the nausea that hit me full force....

Please tell me what you're up to. I need somethings to read as I lie on my bed trying not to move a muscle.

Love you all.


  1. I am sorry to hear you are still feeling really nauseous. :(

    My grandparents are visiting this weekend, so my grandma and I just finished doing a puzzle, and my mom, grandma, brother, and I (possibly the rest of my family as well!) are going to do some shopping...while trying to stay warm on this -23C day!

  2. Today I went to coffee with a new friend. Her story is deep and painful and amazing and beautiful. I love it that she gets me. She gets that clinical depression sucks. She gets that I don't need judgment. She gets what it is to love deep and hard. She loves Jesus. That's why her story is beautiful.
    I needed a friend, and God brought me her.
    On days like today, I love to see how much Jesus loves his children. I love to see that even though I'm hurt, I'm loved. He hasn't forgotten and He won't.

    What am I doing for the rest of today? Cleaning up my little part of the world. Doing laundry. Grading papers. Loving Jesus.

  3. Getting ready to take 8 5th-6th graders to a retreat at a hotel with an indoor waterpark. Ah! :)

  4. I'm so sorry you're feeling so badly. Sure hope everything is ok. Hopefully, you'll begin to feel better real soon. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. uh oh,oh no!!! i hope it passes asap!!

    i am up to the usual:working/babysitting, family time and hanging with friends.

    God is great!

  6. Last year was a hard year. I've struggled with my voice for the last 11 years, but last year was when they finally figured out what was wrong. And it can't be fixed. And I had to accept that. Plus finances are always tight and I decided to pout about it.

    But this year is a new year! Yea!!! I've been studying Beth Moore's Breaking Free and reading Sara Young's devotion. Plus I'm also reading the book 1000 gifts. I'm putting my trust back in my Maker and rejoicing in my blessings. It's going to be a great year no matter what circumstances come our way. I'm excited. I'm falling in love with Jesus once again.

    I love reading your posts, and I'll be praying that you feel better soon. I'm glad your baby is growing well though. :)


  7. I was so sick with all of my pregnancies...I pray you are feeling better soon.

    My family is in Wausau this weekend at Grand Lodge having some waterpark fun and my oldest has a basketball tournament here...we were planning to go home Sunday but the snowstorm is keep us here till monday...oh well.

  8. Hi Bri,
    Praying for you... Soon you will feel that little one move and it will make your heart leap! The Wojahn's are battling the flu ~ had to venture to the store for more 7-up and Lysol... Thankfully I am on the mend because I have a girls day tomorrow to see Wicked!! So ecxited!! Anyway, know that the Morrisons are in our prayers everyday and we love you guys!!

  9. Bri, I sent you an email with a story I wrote. I thought it might be something nice to read when you can't summon enough energy to type. I found your gmail address posted on a previous blog entry and used that to send it. Happy reading!


  10. I'm sure you have tried everything to combat the nausea but if you haven't yet, give Sea Bands a try. They use acupressure to relieve nausea. I was skeptical but as an incredibly motion sick person, they are amazing.

    Today (Sunday) we skid our way to church and home again for a lazy snow day. Not seeing a lot of accumulation yet but it is pretty slippery. Maybe we'll get out and do a round of shoveling before it gets ahead of us but it's looking much better from inside right now.

    Hope that gets you 30 seconds or so of distraction. Good luck!

    --- Mary

  11. Today we went to church. It was blustery and Lucia cried a bitter cry when the wind hit her face. We tried to nap, we did some weekend cleaning. I'm loving a new product I found. Maybe if I do spring cleaning now it will hurry spring along? ;)

  12. Oh Brianna ... I am so sorry you are so sick ... especially with two little ones to care for! You are in my prayers my friend. I kept on telling myself it is because there is a healthy baby growing inside me .... but oh that is an aweful feeling still!
    What am I doing ... well, trying to get ready for baby #3 ready to arrive in about 8 weeks .... trying to not stress that he/she is breech and praying they turn soon! But not really a lot of time to worry too much since we have a cute 2 and 1 year old boy running our household:)
    Blessing to you my friends ... I am so thrilled for you .... but hope you get to enjoy the pregnancy REALLY soon:)

  13. Isn't morning sickness aweful? Yet sometimes for me it was a strange comfort...ugh I feel sick, must still be pregnant. crazy, huh?
    what am I up to? "pre-spending" our tax rebate. :-D Well, planning and dreaming anyway. maybe some new carpet in elijah's room (it's a loose brown 70's carpet laid over some ugly 50's vinyl...super great), and maybe a computer that won't crash when I upload my photos.
    So sorry you hear you are feeling ill, but I get so happy thinking about you guys and your new little bundle.
    God Bless,

  14. Oh dear Bri Bri. Sorry that you aren't feeling well. I remember where you are so well.
    I love you my dear. xoxoxo

  15. Sickness means a healthy baby!
    Im 36.5 weeks pregnant and feeling sick again, ugh! Pain in the uterus if you ask me!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  16. Sorry you aren't feeling good. Hopefully it will pass quickly. I had the worst nausea when I was pregnant. And leg cramps. Horrible.

    My life is pretty mundane right now, but this week I do have kind of a crazy thing going.

    I have 2 dogs and my daughter has a little dog. Well, my brother went out of town for 2 months and so now I have his little dog, too. On Friday my boyfriend is going out of town and I am going to have his 2 dogs for 3 days. We are going to have 6 dogs in my house for the weekend.

    To top it off - my ex-boyfriend (haven't seen in 5+ years and 20+ pounds) is coming to town Friday. And he is bringing his new wife. They want to meet for dinner. It just happens to be the one day my guy isn't going to be here and my house is going to be full of dogs. I am excited to see him and meet his new wife (I think), but it is going to be a hectic day and I am going at it solo.

    I am not sure how it is all going to work. I will just cross that path when I get to it.

  17. my dearest sister in law- so sorry your still not feeling good :(( , i hope it all passes quickly so that you your pregnancy can go smoothly (praying for ya) :) well lets see here, i got school school and more school, lol, <-- boring right? haha i have been babysitting kyle a lot :) which is fun, night school is FINALLY finished after 6 LONG weeks, i have been going downtown a lot lately and got my wallet stolen haha, bummmers but i have been sharing the love of Jesus christ to some of the kids down there which is super exciting, and hopefully ill have a job soon, at the YMCA (lifeguarding) :) well i hope you feel better, and ill talk to you hopefully soon :) love you
    ~kiki (kierra)

  18. Love you dear friend.:) Praying that the season of nausea is a short one for you.

  19. Hello Brianna! We have less than 2 months until we furlough... crazy! I am so curious how my kiddos will find America. Nevaeh and Charis were born here in Kenya so this is their normal, this is their home. We will be leaving the day after the Bethany Interns leave. We are trying to start debriefing them and make sure they have closure from the friendships and ministries they have here. As I talk this through with them I have to keep focus that I am not leaving this place for good. I will be returning in August. It has nearly been 3 years here so I cannot even imagine what it will be like to be back in America. I am excited for a hot water shower, to be able to drink from the tap in the sink, and to drink a Starbucks- it has been nearly 3 years.
    Love ya and am thinking of you!

  20. I miss you! I keep thinking about you and how you are pregnant. I have such clear memories of you with the babies. I'm so sorry you have such bad nausea. I'll be praying for you and this new little one. Can you post belly pictures...never mind, it's probably the last thing you want to do right now.

    love you.

  21. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sure miss your posts and pictures!

  22. I JUST finished reading your blog...started from the beginning a few days ago and now I'm up to snuff! In January I had my first baby. His name is Jeton Ezekiel and on his second day of life we found out he has CP. That was the beginning of the road that lead me to many places (emotionally, spiritually, medically,etc.) including here to your blog. Thank you and congratulations on your new little being in your belly! :)

    ~Mali Kindall

  23. Missing you, your posts, and your pictures. Hope everything is well with you, and that you're welcoming the Spring.


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