Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Midst

Sometimes I can't believe I have a girl.

Somebody pinch me.

Losing Lucia and Cadence was devastating and horrible beyond belief. Not being able to touch their silky skin or dress them in frilly tutus or fix their sweet girly hair makes me ache.

But this girl helps. A lot.

She doesn't in any way replace Lucia or Cadence. No one ever could.

But she makes life better....she is a promise of something better.

She is beauty. Amidst the pain.


  1. Oh my gosh, she could not be any cuter. I know what you mean. I love having my girly girl but I ache for her sister. As much as I love the pigtails and dresses I am always wishing I was dressing one more.

  2. what a cutie. and you dress her too cute! love the headband too!

  3. Beautiful photos, Bri! What a sweetie! Hoping and praying for your heart to continue to heal.

  4. loving the 3rd picture down, sweet innocence. i try so hard, in the midst of my very chaotic life to soak up my sweet baby girl at this very precious age!

  5. how adorable is she?!! she is looking so much older/bigger now too! :)

    God is great!

  6. She is a doll! Thanks for sharing your sweet babes with me last night ~ and thanks for taking care of my little man:) Your family is a blessing...

  7. She is a gorgeous little girl!! Sending you a cyber hug :) Mwah

  8. She sure is a precious little gal!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I am enjoying my two girls, my 2nd was born nearly 3 weeks ago. She was our miracle after 2 losses and other issues. Little girls are amazing.

  10. I love you Brianna. And I love your kids...all of them. Getting to know your little girl warmed my heart. She makes me laugh. I love the different expressions...totally her.


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