Thursday, October 14, 2010


This guy. According to his physical therapist, is doing FABULOUS.

Sylas stood on his own for several minutes today during therapy.

Yes, you read that right. MINUTES!

He is also taking a few steps independently. We are so proud.

At this point, Sy needs some other things to happen medically before he can move forward into more independent walking, so we are in the midst of talking with doctors, specialists and therapists. We're asking God for great wisdom during this process. Would you pray as well?


  1. Of course! That kid is going to go very, very far. Remember, his name means Christ-bearer, and man of the forest. He will be going on some travels to share the stories of his miraculous life with others. xo

  2. He is just so handsome! When I look at him I think of Joy and God's Delight. Today in my Moms in Touch group we were praying about how God is our delight and how He delights in us. Zeph 3:17 "The Lord your God is with you Sylas. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, Sylas; He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you, Sylas with singing" We will pray with you for wisdom and guidance. Way to go Sylas.

  3. prayers will of course be sent your way!!! hooray for sylas!!! i know what a big deal being able to stand for a few minutes alone is like; my twin sister has cp and it was always such a great day at therapy when she succeeded in doing it :)

    God is great!

  4. Fantastic! I understand your joy in the beginnings of independent walking... my son Alex just began walking independently one month before his 3rd birthday. (He had a Kaye walker too for almost an entire year!) Will be praying for you for whatever else is needed for more forward steps!

  5. Father, I lift Sylas up to you, like so many times before. But just like today it is a new day and a brand new request. Would you please help Sylas' physicians and therapists find the treatment you have n store for him? And could you show Ryan and Bri the peace that you've already put inside them to recognize it and use it during these transitional and waiting moments. Father, you have been so present in the lives of Ryan, Brianna, Sylas and Ivy...they have touched hearts across the globe and it's because of you. Thank you, Lord for this we truly consider a part of ours. Thank you for Sylas and his shining light...when he stands and when he falls. You are with him each step of the way and we adore you.
    In your awesome name we pray,

  6. Definitely! So happy for you, your family and your little bug. :)

  7. Praying for the little guy and you.

    His happy face makes me smile!

  8. I was just wondering how Sylas was doing! I am so glad to hear he is doing so very well! I will definitely be praying that God will give you, Ryan, the doctors and specialists wisdom for what is to come for Sylas' treatment!

  9. Eeek so wonderful!! What a miracle :)

  10. Way to go Sylas! I can only imagine your joy in that moment - amazing! Of course you can count on me to be praying. Maybe we can plan a playdate for real sometime soon? We'd love to see all of you!

  11. How could I not pray for this adorable kiddo? I will joyfully add him to my prayers again. For continued physical strength and endurance, for wisdom for his medical team, and discernment for you and Ryan in making decisions. Continued peace, love, and blessings to your household.


  12. Of course I will be keeping Sylas in my prayers. I'm looking forward to seeing the first photographs of him running around with his sweet little sister. What a day that will be!

  13. Of course ... Sylas and your family are always in my thoughts!

    :) Heather

  14. We love seeing photos of Sylas...he is always smiling! What a happy little man, he has such a great family to love and support him.
    God Bless you all!

  15. I will pray for SURE! He is an AMAZING BOY!!!!

  16. Do kids get any cuter than that?? Seriously, that amazing little boy is always smiling and ALWAYS proving what a miracle he is. My prayers are with your family and with the medical professionals you rely on. May you all find the wisdom to help Sylas continue on his journey.

  17. Thanks for your sweet comment.

    Your little Sylas is stinkin' adorable.
    Standing for minutes.....Congratulations!!
    I know how tough that feat can be as we are at 15 seconds...can't wait to reach minutes.

    Your family is beautiful the ones on earth and in heaven.

    I am officially bookmarking..(see I just did it)...and am going to start at the very beginning.



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