Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heart to Heart

Do you know that I love all of you? I do. When I started this blog, I was a skeptic and thought it a little bit silly, this writing into the black hole of the Internet. And sometimes it does feel like I'm writing into a hole, but mostly, it has been such a safe place fore me to express how I'm feeling. You all don't seem to be afraid of my emotions and for that I'm so grateful.

I know there are many of you who have prayed for our family since the moment you heard of our story. I am so humbled by this. I know I've said this before, but I really do wish we could all get together. I would give you a great big hug and make you a foamy latte on my ancient espresso machine. I'd cry and tell you how much your kind words have meant to me.

But many of you live so very far away. And in all likelihood, we'll never meet in person. Still, there is something I can do. I can pray for you. I want to pray for you. So, if you feel led, please leave a comment telling me how I can be praying for you, a family member, a friend. Whatever is on your heart. And I commit to praying for each person that leaves a comment. If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to leave it anonymously. You are known, even if I don't know who you are.




  1. Sometimes I don't understand God's porpouse on my life. Sometimes it's scary and sometimes I wanna go away run as fast as I could and hide. But I do know I CAN NOT hide from God's face.
    And today, with my heart ful of scary, without a safe ground to walk in, I get to your blog. I read all of your history with tears in my eyes. You're such a strong woman. A such wonderful mother and I do believe you can help me this thime.
    So, my parents are in a difficult moment of their lives. And I really don't know what to do to help them. We have to find a place to live as soon as we can, but EVERYTHING we found it's SOOOOO expensive and I'm not sure about my tomorrow and it freaks me out. So, I wanna ask you to pray for me, for my parents (especially in their relationship). We really need to get out of this situation and I do believe we together, praying, will reach it faster. Thank you so much, Bri.
    God bless your family.
    Xo, Andy, from Brazil.

  2. Hey, Bri - I was so touched by your post! I got a bit choked up when I read the part about people who've been following since we heard your story - I'm one of those (since before your sextuplets were born), and have grown to love you guys, too! Can't imagine how many of us have laughed & cried with you, and yet we'll probably never meet! I do have a prayer request - my daughter has been trying to find a "real" teaching job for 2 years in a sucky job market, and now has a really good shot at one - the next week or two will be crucial - would you please pray for her? (You've stopped by my blog before) Thanks so much!! Love ya!

  3. What a sweet post! I have prayed and will continue to pray for you and your lovely family! And I ADORE the new pics of Sy and Ivy, what beauties!

    Perhaps you could say an extra prayer for me, i am an elementary school teacher but i am still waiting on my first classroom/job :( darn this economy!

    God is great!

    Thanks, Bri!

  4. Oh Bri,
    What a sweet post. I have followed your story from the start and I feel like I know you so well, because our paths did cross so many times in the NICU. And we meet once at the MOA...for 2 minutes!

    Could you pray that I find the strength and energy I need this week to be a good mom and to finish this challenging sewing project!

  5. Brianna,
    I do so love your family! I miscarried my first baby around the time your oldest were born and I've tried to keep up with you ever since. I desperately need prayer. I'm going through a very rough time in my marriage and things are looking rough. I would be honored if you would pray for me. Thank you!

  6. Wow. What a sweet post!

    Will you pray for me because I'm moving half way across the country at the end of this week. Although I know this is what God wants, I'm starting to get scared, and I have no leads on a job. Please pray that God will provide something for me... and soon!

    thanks so so much, not just for this post, but for you openness and honesty in all of your blogging!

  7. Thank you, Bri.

    I know it may sound silly, but I think this post was for me. ;) In a way that I can't explain, I think this post was an answer to a prayer.

    This last year has been the hardest of my life, and although it didn't need to be specific - I needed to be remembered by someone. Anyone. It is horrible to feel forgotten by those we feel closest to, especially when we are headed for dark waters. We are doing our first IVF (after 11 IUI's) next month. I can use all the extra prayers I can get!

    Thank you.

  8. I never, and I mean NEVER leave comments on posts like this, but these circumstances must be more than coincidence. See, my stepmother passed away at about 6:45 CDT on Sunday. Her death was VERY sudden. I'm still reeling, my brother and sisters don't know what to think, and my father is in total shock. There's a reason you wrote this post and I read this post today. Thank you for that.

  9. Hello Brianna!
    I am officially a blog stalker and check your blog everyday! It is so cool to see how God can unify believers in prayer even from opposite sides of the world. My constant prayer request is that the Lord would keep malaria away from my 3 girlies. God has been so faithful and so far we have caught malaria in its early stages and treated it right away and it has gone away within a few days. Thank you for your realness and your heart. I love you and your family!
    Bekah in Kenya

  10. Bri... you are too kind. I have a child support hearing this Thursday and would appreciate just a quick prayer. My daughter is almost 15 and has not seen her father in 13 years. Even though he didn't see her, he paid his child support until a year ago. He is an alcoholic and has become more and more volatile, which is why we are going to court after all this time. I am pretty sure I have a slam dunk case, but can always use a little prayer. Thanks!!

  11. Hi Bri! Thank you for offering to pray for me! I have followed your story for awhile now, and you give me and so many others so much strength! I am going through a really rough time right now myself, and my husband and I are getting ready to make a big move. I don’t know anyone where we are moving, I have no job prospects there yet, and we will be even further from all of my family and friends. However, in so many ways this move is an answer to so many prayer and is a gift from God…we are following His plan and I know this is right for my husband and I. I just ask that you pray for me to give me strength through this transition. I ask that you pray that I can be the loving wife that my husband deserves, and that I find healing and peace in this new journey! Wishing you and your family peace and love always!

  12. Hi Bri,

    I would love for your prayers as I start a new job in a new church next week. I want to be open and engaged to the work of the Spirit in this new adventure. Thanks!


  13. Hi Bri,
    Yesterday was the one year birthday for my twin sons, however we were only able to celebrate with one of them. Michael Joseph was born with a severe, but beatable birth defect. He fought for 35 days before passing away in my arms on August 29, 2010. Today has been a very hard day for me, and I imagine the next five weeks will be. I know how lucky I am that I am able to have Will, my survivor, in my life, but missing MJ is so very hard for me right now. I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much!


  14. 11 years ago, I started struggling with voice hoarseness. I went to speech therapy and several doctors but nobody knew what was causing it. Last year, I finally found out I have abductor spasmodic dysphonia. It's a neurological disorder. I recieved a few botox injections, but our new insurance won't cover them, and they will only last a short time anyway.

    At first I was relieved to have a diagnosis, but lately I feel like I am mourning the loss of my voice. I often feel isolated and it's hard for me to describe how sad I feel because I'm not able to communicate like I once was.

    I'm only 36 and I can't read to my three children. There are so many worse things I could have, and I know that. But I'm still struggling. Please pray I can accept this and move forward.

    I love your family and I love your honesty. You are amazingly strong and I know that God has great things He is doing through you.


  15. You have such a huge heart. It is evident and I love being able to share in your journey by reading your blog.
    We continue to appreciate your prayers as we pray for healing and wait for answers about our littlest babe!
    Hugs to you all!

  16. Bri - you are correct, we all live so far away from eachother, I too have been following your story and family since you made news. At about the time Your babies were born I was pregnant and felt drawn to you. I follow your post daily for updates and pics of Sy and Ivy...
    I ask for your prayers in that my husband and I are divorcing and these times are tough, I may also be having to move out of my house because of this, I know this too shall pass, but with prayers the passing of the tough times are easier. Thank you and Love to you.

  17. I came across your story before your sextuplets were born and I was especially drawn to your story because of your connection to Fond du Lac. I've followed your blog ever since...and am so happy you are open to sharing with so many...your words are beautiful, you are so compassionate and inspiring...I have three children 7, 5 and family has been through happy times and tough times too. My husband has a heart condition and although he leads a "normal" lifestyle, life is scary for me on a daily basis...he has had episodes as recently as last month. In August he will start a new medication that he has to be hospitalized for the first three days. My heart is heavy, but I pray and know that my God will sustain me through each day. Thank you for all you give to others Briana, you are special!

  18. I have followed your blog for awhile and I think you have a great deal of faith and strength. I amazed by you and your family.

    We are in a joyous time actualy, after two losses I am 6 months pregnant with our second little girl. I am praying that the next few months will continue to be smooth and that we will welcome our new little addition into our family in November. I am struggling with thinking about what I should do about my career- return to work as an Autistic Support teacher or the harder job- be a stay at home Mom.

    Honestly I am happy that these are my current concerns as this past year has been a struggle.


  19. Brianna, I commented back at Christmas time and shared my request for prayer...having one of my twins die at 20 weeks almost 3 years ago now...I got pregnant just after Christmas and we lost our sweet Abigail Eden just before 16 weeks...I delivered her in the emergency room.

    It has been a long road...I was doing better but now feel like I have been kicked in the face with grief again...for both losses. I miss my babies and I know in my heart that God knows and He has been there...even when at first I could not feel it!

    I keep praying for relief from the grief. In some ways I can enjoy life again...many ways I am changed forever...things that seemed to be important before, just aren't anymore.

    Please pray for Jesus' peace to fill my heart.

    And know that you and your family have been in my prayers since I first learned of your impending delivery of your oldest children. Something about your family tugged at my heart back then and you are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless you!

  20. Bri, thanks for this post. I had something to write, but seeing all the other requests makes me think you've got enough on your praying plate right now. Wow! That was amazing to read! Beautiful the way we are all connected through Him, isn't it? I'll be praying for everyone, too.

  21. Bri, you are an amazing woman, mom, sister, daughter and child of God. The simple fact that you are willing to do this for complete "strangers" when you have so much going on in your own life is incredible. Your family is very lucky to have someone with such a big heart to love them and take care of them. After reading all the other posts and seeing everyone elses prayer needs I feel like my prayer "wish" (by no means is mine NEEDED like the others!) is pretty irrelevent. I have two beautiful boys. One conceived completely natural. The other conceived after 7 months of fertility treatments. I love my kids and thank God EVERY SINGLE day for them. But, I'm not feeling complete. I would love to have another. But, I don't know that we can handle the cost and emotional anguish of more fertility treatments. So, we've decided to just try naturally. No pressure, no stress. Just when it happens, it happens. And of course...I'd love to have it happen NOW. ;-) So, if (after all the other important stuff to pray for) you could just say a quick prayer for me and my family I would greatly appreciate it. And I, will continue to pray for and watch your family blossom and grow. I feel like I know you guys!!!

  22. We have not chatted in a while, but I so appreciate your blog...your honesty. PLEASE pray for my family. I'm still struggling with depression and anxiety. In addtion, had started having seziures. This has REALLY impacted my marriage and my relationship with my children. Please pray for peace, healing, joy, faith, restoration and unity as it relates to my family.

  23. This is so wonderful, Bri! Lovely idea! If possible, please pray for my brother in law. He is overweight and had a disc in his back rupture, and it led to a very rare disorder, called cauda equina syndrome. This syndrome essentially can cause complete paralysis in 48 hours time. Luckily he had surgery within that time frame to relieve pressure on the disc, but he has numbness and incontinence issues now. He is young, only 37 years old, and has a wife and two small children. He needs a lot of prayers! He has started to walk again but still has major incontinence issues. His spirits have been a bit low, of course, so we are doing all we can to cheer him up. Also pray that he will continue to lose weight on the diet that he is on, which will surely help his back in the long run.

    Thanks so much, Bri!

  24. I have followed your story for a while now, starting with Noemi, and now your blog. I have prayed for your downs and cheered for your ups. I have felt an even stronger connection with you since I found out you had moved to Fond du Lac, which is where I live. I have a small prayer husband was unemployed for 14 months and has a contract job currently. His contract expires next Friday. Any prayers for his continued employment would be awesome. I look forward to reading more of your family's adventures.

  25. Thank you so much for offering prayer.
    I have been struggling with anxiety and it's really impairing my life. I also have a new baby daughter, and it's really tough just enjoying her. I would appreciate your prayers!

  26. You are such a sweetie. I don't need you to pray for me but I am going to pray that I could be just a little more like you. You are sweet, kind, just simply adorable and you have a huge heart that is always ready to give to others. Love and hugs to you!

  27. Love you Bri...I don't need any extra prayers right now but you know that I will ask when I do.
    Reader Ann, I have dealt with a ton of anxiety over the years, worsening after I had my children. I am feeling better, so much better, now! If you want some ideas for things that might help, feel free to email me at

  28. Bri, you are such a beautiful wife, mother, and PERSON. Your blog is always so encouraging to me and I think of you and your sweet family quite often, actually. <3

    I have no tremendously huge needs in my life that are going unmet at this time. I'm so blessed beyond measure and so grateful to God for the blessings He has poured on me. My only desire is for a continued healthy pregnancy (we lost our last baby :() and the grace to be the mother to this child that he needs... (You're one of my heroes in this area and I read your blog and feel thusly inspired. :))

  29. You are truly the strongest woman I have "met". I used to work with your sister and have been hearing your story and updates for a long time. I have a small prayer request. I recently had to quit my job and possibly get involved in a lawsuit as they stopped paying me and owe me thousands of dollars. Now I am having the hardest time finding a new job and our financial situation is very tight. Any small prayer for my family's situation would be most appreciated. I will continue to pray for you and your family and look forward to reading more about your family. God bless you.

  30. I also found out about you on the news, and then through your friend's blog. Living in western WI, working in the Twin Cities, and having gone through years of infertility, I was drawn to your story, prayed for you and your babies daily, and cried when they were born too soon. I would check the news daily for updates, and cried as you said goodbye to your 5 little ones. I cheered when Sylas came home.

    I have no urgent prayer needs for myself, but for my sister and her family. They are doing foster care to two family members, and after 5 long years they are praying to be the forever family for these two little ones. The county has been painfully slow and the older child (almost 9) is having a lot of trouble with everything.

    I grew up in the area that you are in (now), and would love to meet you, someday. Your grace and witness have been an inspiration.

    While the internet can seem like a great big black hole, it was because of internet friends that I made it through the nightmare of infertility and the loss surrounding it. 5 years ago, we were granted an IVF cycle through INCIID, and the md that we were matched with was on the east coast. A wonderful friend opened her home to dh and myself for two entire weeks--although we had never met in person prior to this. Amazing, isn't it?


  31. I have followed and prayed you and your family, since you were pregnant with the sextuplets. I was so excited when you had Ivy, I cried. I am asking you pray for my sister, Ashley. She is 26 years old and has been battling clear cell sarcoma for 5 years. She is currently in the hospital with severe pain and fluid retention that they are able to control by medicine, but do not know what is causing it at this time. She is scheduled to have a surgical biopsy done tomorrow. Her blog is Please pray that they find out what is wrong and are able to treat it, so she can get out of the hospital.

    Thank you,


  32. Bri,
    That is so sweet! Thank you for your heart! I don't know how I came across your blog, but stop by often to check in on you and your family.
    If you feel led to pray, my very good friend Michelle's 17 month old son Joshua passed away last Saturday. I don't know how to best support her in this difficult time. We all grieve his loss, but know that it is nothing compaired to what she and her husband are going through.

    Thank you,

  33. Bri,
    I find your blogs to be so inspirational... even the simplest picture with one line... I am always moved by them. I can't remember how I started following your blog~ it's one of only three that I check on. In the fall of 2007 I was in the hospital (on Mag continuously) for 2 months, and my twins were still born very early and were in the NICU for a very long time. We almost lost our son. It was a very, very dark time for me. It helps to know that others have experienced hardships. No one's experiences are exactly the same, but we can all help each other if we just reach out. It helps in the processing of things. So, thanks for sharing your beautiful family, experiences, and feelings with all of us!!
    ~Mindy Cox

  34. Brianna, hi i know what you mean by thinking this is a safe place to write even though i have no I enjoy just putting down how i feel on the day i want to blog. I love teling my story of how i nearly died from Reyes Syndrome. Your family is a really inspiration to all keep up writing about them.

  35. Hey Bri-
    I love following your blogs, I am always encouraged and motivated to be the best that i can be and never let anything stand in my way of being all that God has called me to be! Sylas has been a huge inspiration to me....I love his love for life and people...he's a real smile maker and little miss Ivy....she's a girl after my heart....fancy and loves getting dressed up with the cutest guys rock!
    Well right now, I'm seeking after a job that i REALLY want and it's gonna take a miracle from GOD to get it as it's a post wanted by so many others....please pray that I find favor with God and that I am chosen for this job (cause i really want it ;-) ) Thank you so much for your prayer...feel free to pray likewise as God may lead you!
    Blessings to you and your family....
    - Mara :-)

  36. I found you thru Naomi's blog before your children were born. I followed your story and cried when each one went to be with Jesus. I have to say I cried a little harder when Lucia went home. I have 2 little girls and for some reason my heart connected with hers and yours in a diffrent way. I also had a friend in middle school named Lucia who went home to be with Jesus too soon and I think that is another reason why she touched me so much. When i found your blog again it brought joy to my soul to see Sylas! He and your sweet Ivy are the cutest things ever. thank you for sharing them with me and your sweet story. Thank you for sharing your love with Ryan as well. You two are quiet the pair and in your words I am often reminded of how I am to love my own husband. You, your family, and your words are a blessing to my soul and your sweet babes in heaven have made a mark on my heart and they will not be forgotten. Blessings to you and yours.



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