Friday, June 18, 2010

Up and Down and Up

This week I wrote, but only on Bennet's day. Along came June 14 and 15, the days we said good-bye to Tryg Brenton and Lincoln Sean, and my babies on earth [especially Sylas] were sicker than the day before. And the day before that. Coughing and more coughing ringing in my ears. I couldn't hear anything else. I couldn't think anything else.

And when it couldn't get any worse, Sylas coughed so hard he threw up all over [I mean all over] our new couch. The one we've had for three weeks. The one I need to take a picture of because I love it so much.

Deep breath.


I'm coming up for air. Sylas is starting to feel better and I bought some ruffly clothes for myself.

What is it about ruffles that can make a girl feel better?


  1. I didn't put two and two together until now that we've lost our babies on similar days. We miscarried last year on June 16. I'm sure all of our children are having a ball in heaven. Thanking God now for His redeeming love and grace and for sending you Sylas and Ivy.

  2. sorry you have been having a rough time..thinking of you!

  3. Hugs & love to you, my friend. They know your heart, no matter what. Praying!

  4. Oh sweet lady. I've been thinking of you. The anniversaries of deaths. The sickness. It just sucks. It just does. And it's okay to know that and feel it and make yourself feel a little lifted up with ruffles. Ruffles = grace.


  5. eeek, what a week for you all :( glad to hear that the babies are doing much better though!! poor sy and ivy!

    you all are in my thoughts and prayers, always!

  6. Oh Bri...thinking of you and hoping your little ones are feeling much better. Love you, sweet friend!

  7. glad they are doing better. praying for your family!


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