Friday, June 25, 2010


Sylas turned 3.

Then he got sick, so his party was delayed.

But the day he felt better, we had a small party with just family. Do you remember how he wanted a purple cupcake? Well, he got one. Oh, yes he did.

Complete with candles.

Sunshine, family, a trampoline and a big purple cupcake...

What else does a 3 year old boy [or any of us] need?


  1. I LOVE his expression in the b/w one. He's thinking this is the greatest cupcake ever!! And love his laughter in the trampoline pic. Precious, precious little boy!

  2. Sylas - Happy Belated Birthday Wish.
    good to see he is feeling better.
    Spreading love across the miles.
    The cupcakes is fantastic, The day seemed awesome, love the peanuts t-shirt, the smile on this boys face is proof enough that the day belonged to him.

  3. awwww! what a great 3rd birthday party!!! sylas is too darn cute!!!!

  4. So awesome!!! Your photos made me smile!!

  5. I LOVE his purple cupcake and the Woodstock shirt! :-)

    He is so precious. What a little miracle you have there.

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Sylas. I am so glad you are feeling better. Love the pics of you and your cupcake but mostly the pic of you and your mama on the trampoline make me smile. Such joy. Hugs to you sweet boy!

  7. Perfect!!! The smile on his faces says it ALL!

    (don't you just LOVE that giant cupcake pan? so fun!)

  8. Looks like maybe a haircut :) But Oh my he is just the sweetest cutest little guy ever.

  9. I LOVE it! Happy Belated Birthday! What a happy, happy boy you have. So wonderful he is 3! YAY!

  10. Happy Birthday, beautiful boy

  11. That picture of you and Sylas on the trampoline is AMAZING!!!


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