Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All Filled Up

I've mostly been unplugged since coming home from the cruise. Spending my time loving and cuddling and not too much time blogging, tweeting, emailing, blog reading and all of that.

I'm so refreshed. My life feels full.

Ryan had a few days of vacation that had to used by June 1, so he only worked 2 days last week.

And over the weekend we summered it up. We swam, we played and we spent a gazillion hours outside.

{the more time my baby spends outside, the redder her hair gets. it's so strange and lovely}

On Sunday, I wore my favorite dress for Ryan's official licensing as a pastor. I even put on heels, which made me look a bit leggy even though I'm not very tall. It felt good.

The favorite part of the whole weekend? Meeting Uncle D's new puppy.

Winston is gorgeous and so wonderfully gentle with my children. Sy said Winston is his favorite puppy in the whole world and Ivy showed Winston her love by trying to get as close to him as possible, which for her is sitting on his head. Later, she tried feeding him some milk from her bottle, so I think he felt the love.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to do some more summer-ing.


  1. love the pictures and enjoy that summer-ing...we are too!

  2. oh they're getting SO big! let me know when you want to plan a visit - we could even go to lakeside park instead of the museum to soak up some more sun. i know my kids would LOVE it!

  3. Sounds like some great down time. Those last two photos are precious as precious can be...

  4. Sy looks so mature in that first picture, he sure has filled out lately! And that Ivy... wow, you're gonna have your hands full in 15 years or so... are you ever!

  5. There is something about a pair of heels, isn't there? :)
    She looks more like you all the time, enjoy the summering!

  6. love the photos and it sounds like you are having a wonderful relaxing summer so far...sounds great!

  7. WOW! Photos are absolutely amazing! Love the photos of Sy in his walker. We have a gold one just like it! Love how lightweight it is.

    Enjoy "summer-ing"...we haven't been able to do much of it yet...lots of rain here. But hopefully the sun will make an appearance soon.


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