Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here and There

May. It's here. And it's gorgeous and sun-shiny.

Along with the usual mother's day, Ryan's birthday and our anniversary that we celebrate in May, we have a busy month.

This weekend Ryan and I head to Minneapolis for his graduation ceremony, which is a really big deal. Ry was in the midst of his undergrad when I got pregnant with the sextuplets, so needless to say, school [and everything else] was put on hold for awhile. But he finished. He did it and I'm so proud.

Oh, and have I told you I'm going on a cruise in the middle of this month? I'm chaperoning my little sister's senior class trip to the Mexican Riviera. Rough, I know.

Then at the end of May, Ryan is being licensed [as a pastor] in the state of Wisconsin. Family will be in town and we'll have a grand old time.

Oh, yeah. I'm also in the middle of having my blog redesigned, so don't be alarmed if things start to look different.


Thankfully Ivy has offered to help with the cooking.


  1. Congrats on your many blessings. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the ride. Y'all have accomplished a lot now you get to celebrate!

  2. Good luck! At least it will be "fun" stress this month! Congratulations to Ryan!

  3. What a great busy month...Congrats on everything. I can't wait to see the new blog look...so much fun!

  4. this is wonderful. sounds like a great month!

  5. She's so adorable. How exciting, too! We have my hubby's bday that we celebrate on Mother's Day, too, and my nephew's first bday the day before! (Then another nephew's the next week! Whew!)


  6. Seriously, your kids are so cute! :) Congrats on all of the great stuff going on in your life right now. :)

  7. that is a very busy month...lots of big accomplishments! and love ivy's dress-so cute! oh and a cruise? ahhhhh.....

  8. First time on your blog. Followed your comment on To the Max. You have gorgeous kids!

  9. I love this dress, where did you get it?

  10. Hi Christine,

    Ivy's dress is by Misha Lulu and I bought it off ebay. :)



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