Sunday, May 9, 2010


I am a mom. To seven children. I'll always be a mom to at least seven and nothing can change that. Ever. I lived it today.

My gift from Ryan.

One circle with the names of my babies in heaven. One with the names of my babies on earth. [And there is room on that one for more. Wink, wink].

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers whose children are with them, the mothers who have lost their precious ones, and the mothers whose children are still being hoped for, but who have not yet come to be.

You are all beautiful souls.


  1. oh, wow. what a bittersweet day for you. and what a precious gift for you, beautiful necklace!

  2. what a beautiful gift. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. That necklace is beautiful....for many reasons of course. I love seeing their names.

    I think there is more than room for one more name. Well, unless it's really long. ;)

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what a lovely way to show off all your babies!!
    glad to hear your mother's day was nice!

  5. Wow Brianna, that is beautiful. Both the necklace and the thoughts on your children. Blessings to you all.

  6. what an absolutely precious and unique gift!! Ryan is a keeper :)

  7. Thank you for not forgetting those of us who desperately desire for those children yet to come!

  8. Beautiful present, beautiful children and parents. I've never met you and have been following your blog for a short time, yet you inspire me, you allow me to see what I so often lose: faith. Happy belated Mother's Day.

  9. That is the most amazing gift..awesome!!

  10. Since I'm not married, I can say this.

    You, my dear, must have THE best husband in the world. And what I love more? That you know that fact. Your love for him is always evident in each of your posts and it makes me want and hope and pray for the same type relationship some day.

    I hope you had a beautiful mother's day, Bri! The necklace is so gorgeous, so perfect, and the epitome of love. Love between mother and child(ren) and love between husband and wife.

    And, the "wink, wink"-- either you're pregnant (if so, congratulations!!!!), are trying to get pregnant, or just planning for the future; but prayers and best wishes whatever the case may be! Lord knows this world could use more beautiful souls like Sy's and Ivy's!

  11. Oh sweet were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday (and most days). Wrote a post with you in mind...
    Love how you honor your sweet little lives so well. You are a beautiful mama.

  12. In November I made a comment about my 2 pregnancy losses (july and november). I wanted to share with you this:

    The necklace is so pretty and so nice. I wish you luck in completing your family. Sylas and Ivy are so adorable.

  13. I got chills reading this post. I thought about all the different moms today during the service at Bethany. I wished to hug them and tell them today was theirs.

    Your words said it simply...powerfully.

    I love Ryan's gift.

  14. What a love story you are living. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Bri.
    That gift is perfection and I adore Ryan for giving it to you. (Yes Ryan, I adore you!)
    And wherever did you find that shirt with the beautiful neckline? Swoon!

  15. Thank you so much, for remembering all of us who have lost babies, and for those of us wishing and praying for little ones... This was a particularly tough Mother's Day for me - I lost my first baby last year to miscarriage. I pray every day for a baby and mourn my lost child.

    I love your necklace... it is gorgeous!

  16. I lost my twin baby boys, born at 23.1 weeks, shortly before your precious babies were born. I received the same necklace with ALL of my babies names for Christmas. I love it. It is hard for some to understand that I have 4 kids, not 2. The necklace is a way to keep them all close.

  17. what a beautiful, thoughtful post. i'm deeply honored to have been trusted with the making of this necklace and with transcribing the names of each one of your precious children.

    bless you, brianna. you are such an amazing woman.

  18. The necklace is beautiful <3

    I just wanted to share what my mothers day was like.... I have been waiting for over 4 years to have a baby and still no luck :/ BUT i know God has a plan.

    So anyways- My husband and I went to his parents church on mothers day and they had all the mothers go up front for a special prayer and flowers.... I looked around and I was the ONLY womean left in the seats... My heart was breaking and I was holding back the tears- my husband saw my sadness and whispered in my ear... "Thank you for taking care of me, ruby, and charlie" (my animals) and he hugged me and gently kissed me on the forehead....

    So I wanted to say thank you for thinking of us who are patiently waiting...


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