Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunshine-y Day

It's one of those perfect mornings. The children slept in just a little. It was enough for me to take a shower in peace.

Right now, I'm drinking my iced espresso. The diapers are drying in the sun.

The children are playing quietly. Together.

The only sadness is that Ryan is working. But tonight...tonight we are going on a date.

We're going bowling. I'm an awesome bowler on the Wii, but in real life, I'm terrible.

What are you up to this lovely Saturday?


  1. your morning sounds a little more peaceful than mine... I am getting them dressed and sending them outside for a little bit to see if that will help! :) enjoy your bowling date!

  2. We have a wedding tonight! Today we're getting our makeup done at Bobbi Brown and I'm nervous because I don't wear a lot of makeup and I'm afraid I'll look weird. But I can always just wash it off and do it myself, right?

  3. Oh bowling. My highest score was a 98 once. I think I cheated, but I don't remember. Have fun with that.

    My kids are still snoring in their kennel (they also have four legs and engage in inappropriate licking), and the fiance and I are preparing to embark on a florist-hunting expedition. This evening, dinner and dancing at NuNu's with some of the best Cajun-Celtic fusion music...well, ever.

  4. sounds like a wonderful morning. i am packing us all up...todd and i are going on vacation to jamaica, but the weather there is not looking i am hoping and praying it does not rain like it says it is going. and the girls are going to their grandparent's house.

    enjoy your date...and i am not a good bowler! enjoy!

  5. It's a nice warm and slightly breezy day in El Paso. Morning was nice, kids played outside for a while.

    Tonight out to a Quinceanera that my son is participating in (first time) so much fun.

    Enjoy! Bowling is fun... strike :)

  6. My wonderful husband hung me my very own clothes line in the back yard today so that I, too, can hang my diapers. Meanwhile I was planting basil, dill & cilantro, nursing my babe, and making a delightful spring dinner of greens with chicken and avocado dressing.

    as for bowling - point me to the lane with the blow-up bumpers :)

  7. haha. i'm also a very good wii bowler and in real life just terrible. my only good bowling session was when i was 38 weeks pregnant :-) don't know why maybe the weight helped? we went to airport yday. with our little son. just to feel something of the big world. and he loves the airplanes. it was fun.

  8. We had a good Saturday, too...hit a couple rummage sales, got milkshakes, played outside in the sand and went out for pizza wit Grandma. Your day sounds great! It doesn't take much to make me happy...just those little things!


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