Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Chipotle Love

Oh, wow. You all are good guessers. Or...

You eat way too much Chipotle. Either way, I was impressed.

Last week we had an impromptu trip to a town about 45 minutes from us. And yes, they have a Chipotle.

So much happened while we were there.

Sy refused to have his photo taken.

Ivy showed us her angry face. {No more limes for her}.

Sylas acquiesced to a photo with Daddy. {Thank goodness Ryan is now sans Easter musical beard}.

Ivy stole Sy's walker. Again.

Sylas refused to walk on the beaten path, which makes me so proud.

And Ivy, our little prairie girl just ran. And ran and ran.

Thank you Chipotle, for such an eventful trip. Our love for you is great.

[P.S This post was not in any way endorsed by Chipotle. We just love them that much.]


  1. Oh me too me too me too. Right now, I'm seriously tempted to drive an hour away to the closest one. Oh how I love that place.

    And your photos. So much fun!

  2. oh how I miss Chipotle!!!! someone should open one in Kenya! I'd go all the time! Maybe I should make tacos tonight...

    adorable pics by the way!

  3. Not sure if we can call that a beard, Ryan, but good effort for sure!

  4. Chipotle is a naughty, naughty place for me to go! Luckily the closest one is 2 hours away!

  5. Oh how I wish we had a Chipotle near by! Ivy's outfit is absolutely precious!

  6. Oh my lord. Could her little dress be nay cuter? I have to know where that is from! And Chipotle? Yum, we love it too! Our closest one is about 45 mins. away as well, so worth the drive!

  7. Hi - my twin boys are 2.5 and Al.ex has the same walker as your little guy! (And we also went through the phase where his brother Car.sten stole it ALL the time - fortunately he's over it now, it does get better!)

  8. I love that Ivy steals Sy's walker. How cute!

  9. I just went to Chipotle yesterday for lunch! I LOVE CHIPOTLE! I love how when you ask for guacamole, they pile a HUGE GLOB of it on top! I always get the burrito bowl. YUMMY!

  10. I absolutely love the photo of Sy blazing his own trail. He's been doing that since birth!

    (I don't think I've ever commented before but I'm the parent of a 12 year old boy born at 25 weeks and two younger FT boys as well. Your faith amazes and strengthens my own.)

  11. I miss Chipotle so much. We moved 9 months ago and don't have one where we live now. Glad you all got to go! :)


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