Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re {FRESH} ing

Yesterday was bad. Really bad. But today is new. Fresh. With a fresh perspective.

And fresh bedhead.

And fresh delight in my darling miracle boy reading to my beautiful rainbow baby.



  1. Those kids of yours are just amazing and precious. And looking at those faces gives ME a fresh start today.


  2. I love that we get a fresh new start everyday!

  3. You have very cute kids ! Yeee for fresh new days and bedhead.

  4. Oh I do adore the bed head! It's just SO cute! Hope today is a good day too... :)

  5. Hey Bri!

    I recently found your blog, and it made me smile to see pictures of Sylas. I followed your story when you were pregnant (I live in the Twin Cities). I was heartbroken for your family when your babies became angels. Sylas and Ivy are about the age of my babies (born 9/07 and 2/09), and I can identify with you on how you feel some days. Parenting two toddlers is so much work. But rewarding work, right? Right? :o) My prayers are with you in the coming months as you celebrate the birthdays of Sylas and his siblings.


  6. I found your blog the other day and I must say, you inspire me. You and your family are beautiful. This picture is so sweet.

  7. Great pictures and yes, thank God for a fresh start every day! :)


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