Monday, April 5, 2010


We did Easter basket [bags] this year. It was a first. And it was fun.

Ryan even put one together for me, and it included this delightful mug that is perfect for my morning espresso over ice.

Over the weekend, Sy and I had an impromptu gathering with some Minnesota friends who were in the area. We promised the children that they could say hi to the Easter Bunny, but when we got there, he was on break. I may or may not have chased him down shouting, "Hey Bunny! Can we just say hello? Really fast? Thanks."

Sy loved him. Gave him a high five and a knuckle bump. And also really wanted to be held by him, but since Mr. Bunny was on break, that may have been pushing it.

Even that night, during one of Sy's [many] night wakings, he asked to be held by the Easter bunny.

His excitement has been delightful to watch, and I want him to enjoy all those fun eastery things. But the most beautiful part of the day, was hearing him sing, My Savior, My Savior Lives.

Oh, it's so true.

The grave is empty and that empty tomb is the reason we can walk as a family of four and not nine and still be filled with joy and peace. And hope. So much hope.

Jesus will make all things new.


  1. Christ has risen!

    You guys are simply a-DOR-able!

  2. What a Beautiful Family. Knowing your Easter Sunday was blessed, thank you for sharing. Loving you all across the miles.

  3. Adorable!
    How are those night-time wakings going? We are experiencing them on our end also - A LOT! Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
    Miss you!

  4. Happy Belated Easter! What a beautiful family. Miss Ivy's dress is so pretty...


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