Monday, April 12, 2010

How Can This Be Brief?

I'm filling out a form to begin Sy's first for school IEP (Individualized Education Plan). Can you believe he's almost 3? And 3 means that in September he might start school.

Wasn't it just last week he looked like this?

The first question on the form is...

Can you give a brief description of your pregnancy?


This could get interesting.


  1. I've been following you guys since before the babies were born. It seems like yesterday. Just wanted to let you know I'm a SPED teacher. Feel free to ask questions of the IEP team, and expect them to include you in every aspect of the development of the IEP. If you feel as if you are being left out make sure they are aware you wish to be included. It is your right. Sometimes those meetings can be overwhelming. Speak up is there is something you don't understand, or something you don't agree with. Make sure you get everything in writing, and don't sign it unless you fully understand and agree with what it says. There are no stupid questions.

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Unbelievable! Isn't it hard to let them grow up? I'm planning to go to grad school this fall and trying to decide what is best for Layla during my school hours. I'm just so uneasy with letting others care for her, but in the end, it might be what's best. I think Sy's mental abilities will cause shock and awe!

  3. Awww, such a cute picture! That is just how I feel about filling out these papers for kindergarten for my little guy, and he is a couple years older than Sy.....time really does go so fast! I want to stomp my feet and say "I'm not ready for this...!" :)

  4. LOVE it! Trying not to think about Elle starting school. They grow TOO fast! I keep telling her to stop. True to 3-year-old behavior, she doesn't listen. ;)

  5. Here's your answer to the question "Can you give a brief description of your pregnancy?"

    No. :-)

  6. Just refer them to your blog :)

  7. LOL at that first question! Maybe if you write reeeeeally small...

    And yeah, it does seem like just a wee bit ago. Wow. I'm excited for all of you though. It's a whole new chapter. :)


  8. I second Bonnie's comment!

    I still can't believe that in the States, kids go to school at 3. Crazy! In Canada, we still wait til 5.

  9. Know that feeling when people ask if I'm going to have any more babies... um, do you want the short answer or the looooooong one?

    Good luck with the form - teeeeeny writing might be the way to go!

  10. Oh Bri! Those little ones are so much more than a short description on an IEP arent' they! As a special ed teacher I spent hours toiling over those forms and wanting to get it all just right and to have it represent all of that child's personality, individuality, uniqueness, and more in those small little boxes.


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