Monday, March 1, 2010

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He Laughs in the Face of It

Grey - Tough Decisions


  1. I love your heart, I know it's from the Father! Your post about the girl using your ultrasound for herself...That is just how we need to be, as believers, looking for the Lords will for us in the matter and how we can help others get to Him. Sister, you keep loving on Him and let Him love on and through you and everything will be fine. Grace & Peace to you all...Love, your Sis in Christ Betty :o)

  2. I just wanted to say that when your story was posted all around the world via the internet I read it here in Monroe, MI. I prayed for your family daily. Just recently I thought about you and wanted to search for you again. I am so glad that God has brought you through a painful journey that I can see multiplyed your love for your family. Just wanted to say you have not been far from my prayers and heart. ~Corrie

  3. You know, i read this post, and thouhgt i subscribed to it the other day, but sadly, i did not, And i couldnt remember the name of this blog for the life of me! i felt really attatched though since i had already read most of this, i REALLY wanted to subcribe! but i couldn
    t find you. not from the random blog button or from my history bar, i as panicing, but, Google helped me find you. and im very glad they did.


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