Saturday, March 27, 2010


I don't buy new clothes for myself very often. I don't like to do it. I used to. Before I had children. But carrying six children at one time does a number on one's body. I am no longer Forever 21, but forever the woman with a belly pooch. I'm ok with that. Really. I even {kinda} like my stretch marks. They're like battle scars reminding me of how hard I fought for my children.

Still, a woman likes to feel beautiful, and I desperately needed something new to wear for Easter. I don't own many dress clothes (weird for a pastor's wife, right?), and what I do have is worn almost every single Sunday. So, yesterday, Ryan graciously offered to watch the kids so I could steal away for hours to accomplish my goal. Let me tell you, the first 3 hours were rough. I bought nothing. Zilch. Nada. I tried on so many things, but nothing was working. Defeated and near tears, I got into the car and called Ryan.

And man, oh man, was he sweet to me. Right now, along with being a husband and a dad, Ryan is working full-time, has a double class load for school and is a part of our church's Easter production (which includes 3 dress rehearsals and 6 performances). He's really busy, and when I called him after hours of being gone, he could have been frustrated and impatient. But no. This is what he said, "Oh, Baby. You're so beautiful. You need me to be with you to tell you how beautiful you look. Stop at a few more stores and when you try things on, try to see yourself the way I see you. If you think I might like it, buy it and come home and show me."

In that moment, the love I felt for my husband was indescribable and I was near tears again, but this time of the happy sort. And I thought about God's command that husbands are to love their wives the way Christ loves the church {Ephesians 5:25}. Ryan does that. So, so well.

I stopped at two more stores and found something at each one. Ryan loved both and told me how beautiful I am, among other things that are unmentionable on my blog.

I felt beautiful. And it felt good.

Do you feel beautiful? You know how Ryan said to me, "Try to see yourself the way I see you." That's what God is saying to you. Right now. He's speaking it to your heart. He knows you. He loves you. He made you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you need to feel beautiful, go read Psalm 139. That's the way God sees you, you beautiful thang.


  1. Thank you for this reminder Bri! So, so important and something I needed to hear too! We are often our worst critics, aren't we?

  2. crying.

    such truth.

    and that ryan? he's good stuff. {and reminds me of matt.} =)

  3. Oh Bri, these are beautiful words! Thanks for sharing. And what a sweet husband you have!

  4. You are lovely ~ always have been:) Thanks for this post, I needed to hear it as I attempt to put a dress on in my last month of pregnancy. Your Ryan is an amazing guy ~ thank you for sharing him with us. My kids adore him! Your love & support is what's getting him through these tireless weeks. Take care Beautiful!! Sara W.

  5. this is an amazing post. thank you for sharing that sweet conversation and it sure does relate to how God thinks of us. beautiful.

  6. I hate clothes shopping too! It usually makes me near tears as well - especially buying pants!

    We are both so lucky to know a God and husbands who treat us beautifully. I pray for those who don't know this truth.

  7. wow, this post made me tear up! you are sure blessed with one great husband :)

    glad you found some cute things, too, btw!!

    it is tough at times to see that we are beautiful, even if God keeps telling us, it is nice to hear it from someone else :)

  8. HAD to come out of hiding to comment on this post. i can't remember exactly how i got to your blog, but it's been in my reader for a month or so.

    this post is so simple and so beautiful. and so TRUE. it's exactly the scene that has happened in my life so often. and my husband has been like ryan. i love that he said, "try to see yourself like i see you." swoon!

    anyway...your story is incredible. haunting and heartbreaking and beautiful and hopeful. i can't help but imagine what things will be like when you meet up with those little ones in heaven. what a party!!! and how cool that not only will you celebrate but so will the rest of us!

    ok. crying again.

    you're doing good, brianna. real good.

    sarah in texas

    p.s. i'm a pastor's wife, too.

  9. I needed to hear this today. I just had Clara 7 weeks ago and already I find myself comparing to my old self and wanting to get there faster then I can...I get restless and start believing lies. It was wonderful to be reminded of truth.

    Thanks Bri...i miss you.

  10. Oh, I so so so love this post. So, so beautiful. Perfect. :)

  11. Good gracious this was soooo refreshing and beautiful.

    Thank you for speaking Biblical truth, friends.

  12. Such a beautiful and perfect post. Your husband sounds amazing! I agree it would be wonderful to be able to get together for coffee :).

  13. This is definitely something that women need to hear on a regular basis. It is so hard to take in. And it doesn't matter where or how women live, we all feel it. I love the song, Add to the Beauty, by Sara Groves because it talks about a different sort of collective beauty we can create. But I also love Kellie Pickler's Beautiful: "Don't you know you're beautiful? That's the way you are." Can you tell that I put together a retreat on the theme of beauty not too long ago? It brought together single moms, mostly African American, of very low income and volunteers from a wealthy church in Edina. Everyone yearned for the same message. xo

  14. Catching up on some reading here, thank you for this. My husband feels the same, but I have such a hard time when what I see in the mirror doesn't match what I see in my head. You're so right here, so right.

  15. Thanks for this beautiful reminder! I really needed it in the depths of the my soul.

  16. Oh, Bri. followed the link from your top post. This is beautiful. What a wonderful thing to hear from your husband, and the way you compare it to the way God sees us is beautiful.

    Big hug, gorgeous mama. I carried one baby (my 3rd) 17 months ago, and I could pass for preggers on a bloated day. No lie.

    xo elizabeth


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