Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Ivy, It's Your Birthday

Ivy Pearl, today you are one.

Happy Birthday, you sweet and sugary thang.


  1. Wishing Ivy a very Feliz Cumpleanos and her family an Awesome 2010

  2. Happy Birthday lovely, lovely, Ivy!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to that sweet little girl!

  4. Happy Birthday Ivy... i hope you have a fantastic birthday this year.... luv you guys all

  5. Happy Birthday to the little girlie!!! What a sweet, sweet day! All of her angels are so proud!

  6. Brianna,
    I met your husband's mother in a church collaboration during your sextuplet pregnancy and followed along with the joy and sorrow therein. I even came to your children's beautiful funeral because I've been moved by your faith and story and their beautiful, though short, lives. I'm so pleased to stumble across your blog from cupcake10 tonight and read how you all have been doing.

    Happy Birthday Ivy! You are a lucky loved little girl.

  7. I am not able to get to cupcake though I wish I were. Instead I'm just lurking and hovering. If you want you should come to my friend Missy's Blogger event at Feed My Starving Children later in the month. I *think* she's got one spot left.


    I lot of the cupcake girls are going.

  8. She is a little miss Thang if I've ever seen one! See you this weekend!


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