Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Little Piece

Ryan and I like things organized. Closets, drawers, binders, files, CDs, DVDs, anything and everything, organized. You should have seen our apartment before we had children. Everything labeled, everything tidy. It was beautiful.

And boring.

Now our lives are anything but organized. Clothes are hastily thrown in drawers, if they're put away at all. Bills, papers and receipts are stacked in piles on my desk, I don't know where I put half of my CDs. And binders? Who has time for binders?

Our space is still beautiful, just in a different way. And it's absolutely not boring.


There are days when I long for order, even just a little. So, I did this.

It's my own little piece of sanity. Isn't it lovely?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Now for the Winner

I never want to be the first to comment on a giveaway post. I will actually wait to enter just so I'm not the first, because when does the first commenter ever win?

Never, right?


Congratulations sara., picked you. I would love to send you some yellow rosebud earrings. Send me an email when you get a chance. Oooh, I know you're going to love them.

Thanks to everyone who played. I think I might have to give away another pair of rosebuds very soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Get to Know You and a Giveaway

I have a confession to make.

I'm obsessed with rosebud earrings. I recently found them at a local boutique and I just cannot get enough. I already have them in four different colors and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

You can see me wearing them here.


And everywhere.

I really, really love them. I love them so much that I think you need them too!

Just leave a comment telling me what you're obsessed with, and you could win yourself a pair of yellow rosebud earrings. Then we can match and it will be fun.

I'll choose a winner via sometime Monday night, so get confessing.*

*only one confession per person please.

Friday, October 16, 2009

State of the Children

I'm thinking it's time for a long overdue update on my children. So here we go.

I can tell that the weather has changed since Sy's horrible cough is back with a vengeance. He had a few minor colds over the summer, but they only lasted a few days and never included his nasty old man cough. He's now been sick for 7 days and he's still a coughing fiend. Ugh. So it begins.

He's seeing a physical therapist once a week, and she's very happy with the progress he's made. While wearing his orthotics, he can stand unassisted for about 5 seconds at a time, and he's getting better with his walker, though his preferred mode of transportation is still crawling. That boy can put holes in the knees of his pants after wearing them only 2 or 3 times!!! I need to start buying his jeans at a store that will give you a new pair in the same size if they get holes before the child outgrows them. Anyone know of a place that does that?

An occupational therapist also comes to the home once a week and works with Sy on his fine motor development. About six months ago he had the fine motor skills of a ten month old (12 months behind). His therapist seems to think that his delay has been due to his significant vision deficit, and since getting his new glasses, his fine motor skills have improved rapidly.

What Sylas lacks physically, he more than makes up for it intellectually. He can recognize many number and letters, he knows the words to numerous songs and books, he's putting 3 words sentences together, and is starting to follow more complex instructions. Ryan and I are so excited about this, because there was a time when he was very small that we wondered if he would have the mental capabilities to live on his own or be able to hold a job. We now have no doubt that he is going to succeed in whatever he sets out to do.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention he's funny. Really, really funny.

And he loves tractors. A whole lot.

Did you notice the dirt ALL OVER HIS FACE?

Now for little miss Ivy. She is growing right before our eyes. At nine months, she sits, crawls, pulls to stand, stands unassisted for a couple seconds and cruises around furniture. She has a temper and SCREAMS.HER.HEAD.OFF every time her brother takes a toy from her, which is at least 50 times a day.

She is a mama's girl through and through, and loves to be held by me, rocked by me and fed by me. "Mama" is the only word she is saying, though on occasion it has sounded like she's said "Hi." She loves mamas milk and plain yogurt, but won't eat much of anything else. She has her two bottom middle teeth, and one incisor on the top. Weird, I know.

Ivy really is a delightful child who makes our hearts happy every day.

Plus she has a huge, silly grin that is so endearing.

Anything else you want to know? Ask me in the comments and I'll do a follow-up update post.

Monday, October 5, 2009

And Everything Nice

Happy nine months of life, Miss Ivy Pearl.

You are lots of sugar.

And even more spice.

Clean Up on Aisle Seven

It appears that someone has verbally vomited.

And boy do I feel better.

Thanks for listening. Caring. Loving. Encouraging. My circumstances haven't changed. I still need to fold that same load of laundry. But my perspective has changed. I'm seeing things a bit more clearly and the world seems just a little brighter.

I know a lot of my mood has been an attack from the enemy, the great deceiver, the one whose goal is to destroy mankind. Why is it that my feelings always get in the way of Truth? Oh, that my eyes would be focused on the One who gives grace upon grace for each day, each moment.

"For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace." John 1:16