Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Love This Together Thing

I am deeply honored that so many of you have allowed me to share in your grief and to remember with you. I am praying that the Lord will be very near during this Holiday Season.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers as Ryan and I continue to grieve the loss of Lucia, Bennet, Tryg, Lincoln and Cadence. You have blessed our family more than you know.

I wish we could all get together.


  1. thank you as well, Brianna :)

    have a wonderful 1st Christmas with Ivy! Both of your children are absolutely gorgeous! I am so thankful for them in your life.

  2. i am thinking you guys this Christmas...enjoy this wonderful season with your beautiful babies. i am so thankful you have them in your life.

    i am praying for you and ryan...many blessings for you guys.

  3. They R upstairs cheering on Ivy on the steps! Merry Christmas!

  4. Thank you to you for sharing so much of your journey with all of us...and for your prayers. I agree - I like this together thing!!!

    Enjoy this special time with your family!

  5. I wish that we could, too...I so, so appreciate you sharing your life with us (and sharing about Rockin' Green! But I digress...)

    I lost my dad to cancer last November 9th. I've been in and out of a funk every since (I was his caretaker.) I thought of you often, and I pray for your family and think of you often. I am so happy to see your beautiful babies thriving. silas and Ivy are lucky, lucky kids to have such wonderful parents, and they will always know of the five siblings that are watching over them.

    Merry Christmas :) Angie

  6. On the contrary - thank you for letting us into your life, sharing with all of us your ups and downs. We care and although we've never met, I feel connected to you. Have a Beautiful 2010. XXOO to the Sylas and Ivy from across the miles.


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