Friday, November 6, 2009

What's in a Name? (Part 2)

Do you remember this post? The one is which I shared the naming of Ivy Pearl?

Some of you asked if I would share how we decided upon the names for the sextuplets, and I'm finally getting around to it. Part of the delay has been lack of time, but it's mostly that I've had to work up the courage. You see, I adore all of their names, and I'm brokenhearted over the fact that I don't get to use them as a part of everyday life. I can't say to Lucia, "Mommy loves you," or to Tryg, "Please be careful by the stairs."


Because I love their names, it would be my pleasure to share the significance behind them.

Our lovely first born, Lucia Rae had her name long before the others. Before I was even pregnant, I wanted to name our first girl Luciana (pronounce lu-she-ah-na), and call her Lucia (lu-sha). I lived in Italy during my junior year of college and loved the idea of giving our daughter an Italian name. Also, the meaning of Luciana is "graceful illumination." Isn't that lovely? However, when we started naming the babies, they were all getting 1-2 syllable names, and a name with four syllables didn't seem to fit, so we decided to just name Baby A, Lucia, which means "light." Lucia's middle name, Rae, is in honor of my mother's whose middle name is also Rae.

Bennet Ryan, our first born boy, was given his name last! It was Memorial Day, a few weeks before the babies were born and I started having a panic attack and was so worried that I would have the babies and one of the boys wouldn't have a name. Ryan told me not to worry and that afternoon while I took a nap, he scoured baby name sites for the perfect name. When I awoke from my nap, the first thing he said to me was, "Bennet." I loved it from the start. It means "little blessed one," and it seemed only fitting that Bennet would receive his daddy's name as his middle name. From then on, Baby B was Bennet Ryan.

Like Lucia's name, we also had the name Tryg before I was pregnant. It's a Scandinavian name, meaning "true." Ryan and I both love how strong and manly it sounds and it was also special because I come from a Scandinavian heritage. For this reason, we gave Tryg my dad's name as his middle name. Baby C, Tryg Brenton.

Now for little Lincoln Sean. The first time I heard the name Lincoln, was on the show, Prison Break. I mentioned it to Ryan and he loved it, so that was that. It wasn't until he was born that we learned one of the meanings of his name is, "by the sea." It made me think that he would have been a deep thinker, contemplating the things of God. Linc was given Ryan's father's name as his middle name, so Baby D was Lincoln Sean.

And Sylas, our sweet Baby E. His name came to me during one of the few times I was allowed outside during my 7 week hospital stay. Ryan was wheeling me around and it's almost as though the name Sylas was whispered to my spirit. Ryan liked it immediately, but his only stipulation was that we spell it with a "y" instead of an "i." His reasoning was that if Sylas wanted to sign his name "Sy," he didn't want people thinking that his name was "yes" in Spanish. Makes sense. No problem. Sylas was given Ryan's brother's name, Christopher, as his middle name. Christopher has been distant from the family for quite some time and it has been our prayer that God will use Sylas to bring restoration not only to the Morrison family, but to many families around him.

And Cadence Alana, our teeny tiny, darling little girl. I first heard the name Cadence while working at Starbucks. One of our customers had a baby named Cadence. When I first brought the name up with Ryan, he didn't really like it because it's a musical term and being a musician, it was too strange for him. However, it didn't take long for him to love the name because it was a musical term. Cadence means "rhythm" or according to some references "melody." It suited our darling Baby F, because right from the beginning this girl was a dancer. Every ultra sound, she was going crazy, flipping this way and that. I loved it. Cadence was given the name Alana for her middle name, which is also my mother-in-laws middle name. It means "beautiful." Oh, and she was our beautiful melody.

If you didn't leave a comment on the last naming post or even if you did and you want to do it again, I'd love to hear the significance behind your name or your children's names.

Thanks for listening. It really does make me happy to talk about my babies.


  1. Oh this is fun!! And beautiful. Ellianna Evangeline, royalty no? Ellianna means 'my God has answered me.' Kyle and I were somewhat hesitant about starting our family then all of a sudden we were pregnant, looking in baby name books. I'd always like the name Elle which stems from Ellianna. When we found out when Ellianna meant we knew God intended for it to me her name. We call her Elle Belle which is "Beautiful Girl" in French and she is. :)

    Gabriel Isaac. I think Gabe has been anointed by God since he was in my womb! I had dreams about it that were very much sent from God. It wasn't so much an "ah-ha" moment with his name but as time goes on we see God was in it. John 1:19 "...I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings." My mom put this on Gabe's dedication card. I absolutely lost it. I've gotten a couple almost prophet dreams and vision regarding Gabe. He is our angel, sent from God to do magnificent things, so he is our superbaby AKA Gaberbaby. :)

    LOVE our kids names.

  2. Thank you again for sharing your family with us. Their names are beautiful.
    Kyle was the first name Kevin liked after several months of debating and his middle name is William which is Kevin's middle name and his great grandpa's middle name. Kyle was also born on his daddy's bday 12/31
    Your story brought a lot of strength to me while I was on bedrest for almost 10 weeks. There is a lot of scary stuff on the internet when you are reading about preemies. Thanks again!

  3. I love all the names! So beautiful! I also love meanings of names. I would talk about all my girls' names, but that would take forever. But our newest little girls name is Rayvena Hope. As a family we are learning John 1 so we are talking to the girls about John the Baptist and how he was a messanger of Christ coming. A messanger of something new. A messanger of hope. We liked the name Raven because Raven's are messanger birds and thought to be a sign of something new coming. But that was too plain for us so we made up the name Rayvena. We spell is with a Y because normally all the girls have family middle names, but Hope is not a family name. But my dads middle name is it's in her name. So...Rayvena Hope means messanger of hope. Wow...that was alot!

  4. Wow that was really neat! Thanks for sharing that! Our first born son is named Quinn James Leon. Until the time he was born, we had planned to name him Quinn Kakoa (from the Hawaiian language, as my husband is hawaiian). However, when I suddenly went into labor at 25 weeks, and found myself holding a 2 pound baby, I realized that he needed to carry the names of both of his grandfathers instead, and so he ended up having two middle names.

    Because of all the complications and prematurity of our first son, we took much more precautions with our second pregnancy. Even so, I found myself in the hospital with my water ruptured after 20 weeks. I was told by the doctor that the baby would be born withing 24 hours, and that there was nothing they could do to help a baby that small. He said that since I wasn't yet in active labor to go home and wait. Talk about dreadful news! I had known all along that I wanted to name my daughter Chloe, after the one of the main characters in the left behind series, and that sealed the deal. I knew that my Chloe would be every bit as strong as the Chloe she was named after. I had a friend who came over to take care of me for the next 10 days so that she could take me to the hospital when the labor started and keep me company, and her name is Karise, which brought us to Chloe Karise. I had planned to give her the middle name Jeanne, since she would be the fourth generation in our family line to have the middle name Jeanne, and since her brother ended up with two middle names, so did she. She is our little Chloe Karise Jeanne. Our church always joked that my babies were so little that they needed big names to make up for it! But alas, I have my two miracles, both which I was told would never survive. God is so good. Brianna, It was wonderful to meet you during my hospital stay!

  5. So glad you explained all of the love and thoughts that went into naming your babies! My daughter was adopted from Guatemala. Wanted a special name for her which was not too far from her Latin American roots. "Amanda" means "worthy of love" and is a name that's used in Guatemala. Her middle name, "Joy" not only describes her, but is also the maiden name of my wonderful "second mother".

  6. I follow your blog regularly, but don't often post. This post made me a little teary eyed, because all those names are just so beautiful, and the resons behind them so heartfelt. What an amazing woman you must be.

    Even though I don't share my daughter's actual name in the "blogosphere", I still wanted to share where it came from... yes, I think I can do both! Her first name, "G", comes directly from the title of the first song DH & I danced to at our wedding. We chose that song knowing we would ultimately choose "G" for a little girl's name. Her middle name is Peyton (which I have shared before!) and she's named after Peyton Manning. What can I say, I'm a tomboy?!?!

    Oh, and Ivy is so high at the top of my list if we have another girl. I absolutely ADORE that name!


  7. What a lovely way post! I also love meaningful names and the stories behind them. Our daughter was named after my Grandma - Genevieve. I just love the sound of the name and I also adored my Grandma. Her middle name - Christine is also my middle name. Our little boy is a whirl of energy, just like his daddy! Bradley's first name is Allan's middle name. His middle name is James - his Grandpa's middle name and also one of my fav. books in the bible. Now that baby #3 is on the way we are back to the drawing boards:)
    -Sara W.

  8. I love the story behind these names. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. aah, goosebumps. thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I love all the names you've chosen. Our daughter is due to be born on March 12th, but we already have her name picked out. I decided a long time ago that I wanted the names of my children to be much more than simply names. I wanted them to be namesakes that I could use as teaching tools and talk to them about as they grow up. Our daughter's name is going to be Gabrielle Anneliese McNair. Gabrielle means "God is my strength". This is actually my second pregnancy, as I miscarried my first baby at 11 weeks last Mother's Day. I think it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with but it really did seem that God was with me through the whole awful ordeal. Needless to say, I've been a little worried through this pregnancy so far but I'm at 22 weeks now and everything looks good. I'm thankful to God for protecting her and my prayer is that she will continue to grow big and strong, and that He will be her strength too as she gets older.

    We wanted to give our children middle names that are connected to our family heritage. Anneliese is my grandmother's name and she truly is a wonderful woman in so many ways.

    I've been wanting to tell you for a long time that your story and your faith have encouraged me a lot during the past year. Every time I see pictures of your beautiful children, I'm encouraged by how much you have and continue to cling to God. God bless you and your family, Brianna.


  11. We were actualy wondering about the name Sylas, that is our boy name. My husband liked the name from a tv show and a book, I never mentioned to him that it was the name of a child on a blog. He thinks my blog reading is crazy! In anycase we are 7 weeks with our 3rd (lost the 2nd) and this pregnancy as of last week is questionable too.
    I have a 2 year old name Cecelia. My father's name was Cecil and he died when I was 12. So we named her after him but we wanted it to be with an e instead of an i so her nickname- Celia would just be the first two letters removed. Her middle name is my maiden so her name is truely a tribute to my amazing Dad.
    If this little one survives, our girl name is Alice. We are not sure on the middle name. We love the name Alice and I had a wonderful Great Aunt Alice. We prefer names not used that often.

  12. Eva and Carrie,

    I'm deeply sorry for the loss of your precious babies and I pray that both of you will deliver a healthy full term baby this time around. Thank you for sharing the beautiful, heritage-filled names of your children.


  13. Thank you for sharing that. It is wonderful to talk about them, isn't it?

    I love how you honored so many family members with your choice of names. It is beautiful that Sylas carries Christopher's name as the survivor of the group. I pray that the Lord will use him to draw you BIL back.

    Each of our children have a middle name given to honor another family member. We are expecting again and if it is another boy (it would be our 5th son including the twins we lost), he will finally get daddy's name! If it's a girl, it will be our first girl to name.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Julie B.

  14. Hi Brianna,
    I love hearing meanings of names too. God has really put on my heart to choose my children's names based on what they mean. Like you, I love names and love hearing how people come up with them.

    This summer, I miscarried our first baby at 10.5 weeks. I felt like I was going to have a boy, so we decided to give him a boy name: Noah Joseph. When I was in college, I worked with two boys (who remind me a lot of your Sylas) who both had disabilities. I felt like one day I too would have a son with a disability. I believe we lost our baby because he wouldn't have been able to develop further for whatever reason, and we named him Noah Joseph. He has the same initials as my husband. When we miscarried, I looked up the meanings of Noah and Joseph, and because of their meanings, knew I had to name him that. Noah means "comfort" and Joseph means "The Lord will increase". I believe God has promised us something through his name. Another name my husband and I really like is Elliana, which means "God has answered" (I see Eryn above likes that name too!). I have a feeling our next baby will be a girl, and we are saving this name for her. I truly believe God will answer our prayer someday when we can have a child on this earth. "Hope" has been our theme word since miscarrying, and Elliana Hope has a nice ring to it! :) I guess we will continue waiting to see if Elliana comes into fruition!

  15. Thanks Brianna ... can't say much now ... tears are flowing.

  16. Oh, Amber. Thinking of you today. Praying that the Lord blesses you with your Elliana Hope.


  17. Hi Brianna
    What a lovely idea to ask for people to post their children's names and meanings! Thank you so much for sharing yours.
    Our baby girl's name is Gloria Violet Adiel.
    Gloria means glory / praise, as you well know in Italian ;)We pray that her life will bring glory to Him.
    Violet is my favourite colour and the flower is a symbol of modesty.
    Adiel we found in a book name while at a coffee shop / libray and it means 'adorned of the Lord' in Hebrew.
    Who knows if our kids will meet one day; wouldn't it be lovely? Feel free to come and visit London :)

  18. Bri,

    I love your babes names. They are so perfect and I can't wait to say them when all things are new.

    Delaney Evelyn...Delaney was a name of a girl Dave knew in Amsterdam and since I heard it I loved it. I knew it would be one of our kids names. Evelyn is my middle name and my Grandmother's name.

    Jude Kennedy...Jude I found in a baby book and Dave resisted b/c he didn't want everyone saying, "Hey Jude" all the time. I pushed back with, "well, it's a cool song". Kennedy is his mother's maiden name.

    Eliza Holland...Eliza has been on my mind since I fell in love with My Fair Lady years ago. Holland is where Dave and I were engaged. We toyed with having it as a first name (I saw the name on a blog linked to yours initially) but didn't think I was cool enough to pull it off for a first name.

    Thanks for making me think again how special names are.


  19. I sooo enjoyed reading this tribute to your sweet little ones. Names are sooooo meaningful, and every name has a story - love that!

    If you ever wondered how we named the quads, I wrote about it in this post...

    I hope we can hug in person someday, Bri!

  20. Oh I love that you shared the meaning behind their names, very touching. I recently just had my second, a little girl and when I was pregnant with our first our girl name was Lilyana(our first was a boy). When we found out we were pregnant w/our second Lilyana came up again however I wasn't as attached to it mainly because Lily is becoming so popular and I didn't want her to go to kindergarten and be the fifth Lily in the class but my grandma's(who is an amazing woman)name is Lillian and I wanted some form of that so we decided on Lila which means "born at night and like a lily." After choosing her name we came to find out that my grandma's birth name was Lila but for whatever reason she always went by Lillian(her parent's thick polish accent may have had something to do with it)so at age 30 she legally changed her name but on her birth certificat it still says Lila with a line through it and Lillian next to it. In the end I guess she really was named after her, and interesting enough Lila was "born at night". We gave her the middle name Jean after my mom.

  21. i have 3 boys. The first one is Damon Michael. My husband liked Damon because of a golf company and his middle name is after my husband. the second is Xavier Hobson. We picked his name after looking through a baby book, but really my husband liked it because of X-Men. Hobson was my mom's maiden name, she passed away when I was a teenager so I wanted to use something for her.
    Our third boy is Aiden Cranwill. We had a completely different name picked out for him that was two family names, Cranwill Henry (we were going to call him Will) but the family we were naming him after didn't like us using it. (Weird right?) So that left us with just a month to pick out another name. I like Aiden because of a guy on my soap opera and we kept Cranwill since it is my MIL maiden name.

  22. There is just something so special about choosing a name for your child. ;) Thanks so much for sharing! What beautiful names you chose for your little ones! I just posted the story of how we chose the name for our sweet baby boy -

  23. I absolutely love reading about how you chose the names for your babies. I know how happy it makes your mother's heart to talk about your babies, as I know it always makes my heart sing when I can talk about my angels Devin and Elizabeth. They matter and I love when that is reinforced!

    Thank you for sharing...I know it wasn't easy! (hugs)

  24. I've been reading your blog for several months now and had to de-lurk- I LOVE talking about baby names. We did not find out the gender of our baby before he was born and could never agree on boy's names and I had a gut feeling we would have a boy. We finally came up with "Coleson" which is a combination of our names (niCOLE and jaSON). His middle name is Ryan and is in honor of the son of a family friend who was my age. He had a brain tumor at a young age and lived to be 18. Coleson ended up being born on the anniversary of the day Ryan died- May 27th.
    Nicole from Ohio

  25. Brianna,
    Thanks for sharing. I have always loved the names that you picked out and the detailed thought put into each name. Our oldest is Kalyn Nicole - Kalyn means pure and her initials are the same as mine. Our 2nd born was Christian Robert; we miscarried at 16 weeks. His middle name was easy because it is both his maternal and paternal grandpas' name and also runs even deeper into the family tree. It is also daddy's middle name. Our 3rd is Alexia Jenae. Alexia means "helper" and Jenae is after my mom's middle name and my grandmommy's name, whose name was Jean. We just changed it up a little because it sounded so pretty with Alexia. Our 4th is Gunner Robert. Gunner was a basketball nickname that my husbands' dad had for him as a boy. Robert is a family name as I already mentioned, which now includes his brother. Our youngest is Maci Lee. Lee is after her paternal grandma's middle name. We just really like the name Maci as we don't like to pick real common names.

  26. Hi Brianna, I really enjoy catching up with you and Ryan and kiddies on this blog. My husband and I have a 15 month old daughter. we both like unusual names (and spellings), but also consider the meanings important. Her name is Xephyra Andree (there should be an accent over the first e in Andree). Xephyra is taken from the Greek word zephyr and means "delightful, gentle wind; refreshing breeze" and i love what it means. Andree means womanly and is my middle name as well as my granny's first name (she died just before i was born).

    Thanks for sharing the names and giving us the opportunity to share as well.

    Jessica (Rachel Clancy's sister)

  27. Names are one of my most favorite things! Thank you for sharing your babies names and meanings with us!

    My first-born is Tara Marie. "Tara" is the name of the house in "Gone With the Wind", which is my mother's favorite movie. "Marie" is both mine and my mother's middle name.

    My youngest is Benjamin Joseph. "Benjamin" is the name of one of my favorite characters in the book "Listen for Rachel", which was one of my favorites growing up. It also helped that my husband's favorite band is Breaking Benjamin, thus I got his vote, too! :) "Joseph" is my grandfather's middle name, he passed away two years before Ben was born. I gave birth to Ben ON my grandpa's birthday, so I knew he had to carry his name!

    The one thing that I've grown to love about my children's names is that I now have a building for each of them, real and fictional, haha. We have a lovely statue of "Tara" the house from the book, and now a statue of "Big Ben" the clock. If we ever have any more kids, they'd have to have a building in their name, too! :)

  28. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your beautiful family. I found you through the Stansels blog - and your family is just so beautiful. My heart breaks for you that you lost five of your beautiful, precious children... but I know God has wonderful things in store for you. Your Sylas and Ivy are gorgeous children - and I know you have 5 beautiful angels in heaven. I have one little angel in heaven myself, having lost a baby just four months ago. God bless!

  29. thank you for sharing how your sweet babies got their names. i love all their names!
    i'm so thankful that you @'d me the other day. i've been slow to getting around who is going in January and i'm so glad to "meet" you.
    thank you for sharing your journey here. we may not always know why His plans come together like they do, but we do always know they are for His glory. and it seems like you're doing a wonderful job of that--clinging to Him and trusting. blessings to you.

  30. I know this is old, but I couldn't resist posting.
    I'm too young to have my own kids (I'm 16), but my name is pretty cool. It's Nicole Janine - My sister, Katie (who was 10 at the time) picked out Nicole, and my mom chose Janine. Her name is Janice Mae, and my sister Katie's is Kathleen Mae. My mom wanted me to have a name related to her, but didn't want Kaite and I to have the same middle name. So, she used her name, Janice, and changed the "c" to an "n" for Janine. :)

  31. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but couldn't resist posting about this, as I chose my children's names for there meanings. My son is Sullivan Oliver Andrew. Sullivan is Irish, which is my heritage, and means 'hawk-eyed one' (doesn't miss a trick thus child). Oliver was my moms maiden name, and Andrew is his daddy's name.
    My daughter is Aurora Violet, Aurora is the Goddess of the dawn, and Violet as I wanted a pretty floral name to go with it.

  32. Hi,
    I love the stories behind all of your kids names.
    My daughters' name is Ryylieey Gabryelle.(pronounced like Gabrielle) I had her at 22 weeks. She weighed 11 ounces and was given less than a 10 percent survival rate.
    Ryyieey means courageous and she was going to need a LOT of courage to live. Gabryelle means "god is my strength" and my husband and I are religious so we thought it would be perfect if it was god giving her the strength she needed. The double letters in her name represent that god gave her another chance at living.
    Now, there is a sad part to this story. Just like you, I was pregnant with multiples. Ryylieey had two brothers that lived for 33 days, and 72 days. My husband grew up with Clayton Kershaw, and was best friends with him. We are also HUGE baseball fans. So my son that lived for 72 days is named Clayttonn Everytt(pronounced Ev-ret). His middle name is the city that I grew up in. My other sons' name (who lived for 33 days) is Dakkotya (prononced Da-kota)Baileeyy. One of my best friends name was Dakota, and he was killed in Afghanistan defending our country while I was pregnant with the triplets. Baileeyy was named after my husbands brother who was killed in Iraq as a trauma surgeon, while trying to save the other soldiers.
    All of my kids names have "y's" in them because we always looked at them as the "special" vowel in the alphabet, and our children were always going to have special names. And like Ryylieey's name, the boy's names also have the double letters to show that god gave them a second chance at life for a period of time, just not long enough to come home.
    So there are the stories behind the triplets names.
    Oh, and Ryylieey is now 6 months old, and came home from the hospital a little over a month ago at 4 pounds 11 ounces, and now weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces, and is continuing to grow, despite her small size.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share. I love hearing from you.

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