Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, My Sweet Wednesday

Wednesday is my new favorite day. It used to be my worst day, with Ryan getting home from work at 5 p.m. and having to go back an hour later for Awana kids club.

Now. Oh, my sweet Wednesday, how I love thee.

Ryan started taking Wednesday afternoons off. He is at the church every Monday and Wednesday evening, which earns him so comp time. It's lovely.


A little over a month ago, one of my mom's best friends offered to help me with the kids for 2 hours every Wednesday morning. Two whole hours in which I'm free to do whatever I please. Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I stay home and clean, sometimes I blog, and sometimes I blog while running errands. Like today. I'm blogging on my phone while waiting to get my oil changed. It's pure bliss not to have the kids with me in this tiny little room that reeks of oil.

Wednesdays are kind of like a vacation.


  1. How wonderful! In the summers, my husband only works half days on Fridays and I always looked forward to lunchtime, because I knew he'd be home for the rest of the day ;) So glad you have some time to yourself and more time with your hubby too!

  2. That's great! i think the breaks of only a few hours are the best because you come back refreshed and already wanting to be back with the kids.

  3. Good for need it! I love my Thursdays...the girls go to church daycare for 3 hours! It is the best money I spend every month to send them there...for me and them!

    Enjoy your Wednesdays!

  4. thats so cool... im glad that you can have a time just for you.



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