Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Dilemna

I have this problem. I need to pack, but...

I can't pack if my surroundings aren't clean.

And I can't clean if all my children want to do is be held.

And if all my children want to do is be held, I can't pack.

So, in the spirit of the season, today I'm thankful for The Fresh Beat Band.

I'm off to pack. I mean clean. Or something.


  1. The Fresh Beat band drives me nuts...but it does hold the attention of small children long enough for showers to be taken or e-mail to be checked.

  2. And that, Cindy (Life Is...), is the reason I'm so thankful. :) Have a wonderful holiday!


  3. Too funny ... someone who understands:) I need to invest in The Fresh Beat band ... never heard of it. PLEASE give me details ... I need to get something done - or at least a shower once in a while would be fabulous:)

  4. Just wait until your kids start pretending to be members of the "Fresh Beat Band" and then your home becomes a stage for all the members of the band to practice. My 3.5 year old wants a drum set for Christmas. Thanks Mirena. Thanks.


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