Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was Perfect

Our house has been all a flutter this week. My beautiful, kind-hearted, baby sister got married on Friday evening. Courtney was the most glorious bride and I was delighted to be her matron of honor.

The whole day was perfect.


The hustle and bustle is over and the two have become one. I'm so happy.


  1. Love that picture of them. Can't wait to see the rest! It was such a beautiful wedding. Who was her photographer?

  2. Kristi,

    The photos were taken by a husband and wife team out of Madison. Here's their website -


  3. Congratulations to your sister and your new brother-in-law!

  4. Have been following your blog. I know you use these, so thought of you.

  5. I agree! She WAS the most glorious bride and the day WAS perfect. When God brings 2 people together for's such a beautiful and moving thing! I'm so glad to be part of their/your family! :-)


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