Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Little Piece

Ryan and I like things organized. Closets, drawers, binders, files, CDs, DVDs, anything and everything, organized. You should have seen our apartment before we had children. Everything labeled, everything tidy. It was beautiful.

And boring.

Now our lives are anything but organized. Clothes are hastily thrown in drawers, if they're put away at all. Bills, papers and receipts are stacked in piles on my desk, I don't know where I put half of my CDs. And binders? Who has time for binders?

Our space is still beautiful, just in a different way. And it's absolutely not boring.


There are days when I long for order, even just a little. So, I did this.

It's my own little piece of sanity. Isn't it lovely?


  1. Lovely until miss Ives can open the drawer and throw it all out!

    I love things to be organized too, but after Layla started throwing all her stuff out of the drawers, I stopped folding her clothes. It would be easy to spend the whole day just putting the same stuff away over and over again :-)

  2. oh bri i can totally relate. i just did the same thing to Lili's socks, hats, etc. and it is lovely.

  3. Nice to know that there is another mother out there who does laundry but never puts it away.

  4. love it! i am the same way and right now my house is a mess...the playroom is really a mess. but, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

    enjoy that cute drawer of yours!

  5. Oh how I miss those days of organizations ... but I am sure when I have those days again - I will miss the time I get with my precious babies:)

  6. Oh how I need to do this! My kids drawers are driving me crazy! Love your blog! Its so nice to meet you!


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