Monday, October 5, 2009

And Everything Nice

Happy nine months of life, Miss Ivy Pearl.

You are lots of sugar.

And even more spice.


  1. Beautiful those eyes!!

  2. Ivy is truly adorable! I feel like I can see a resemblance to her mama in these photos... Brianna, you two are beautiful girls!

  3. Thankyou for posting the photographs of Ivy Pearl. They are stunning. She really is a little pearl. She has such lovely eyes. I can't believe how quickly those nine months have gone. She's a little sweetheart and thriving beautifully. A real credit to you.

  4. those pics are truly adorable... she looks so happy.. :) cant wait to see you luv you brianna..

  5. Beautiful little Ivy! happy nine months.

    I was hoping to find out if you still are cloth diapering and if you still love the gdiapers? I really want to start cloth diapering but am a bit overwhelmed and remember an old post of yours about the gdiapers. My DD (also 9 months) is a little peanut at just 15 lbs so I don't think she'll grow out of them too fast. Ugh...I am torn. Any input from someone who has used them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  6. Hi Rachel. Thanks for commenting. I AM still cloth diapering and loving it. My suggestion to you would be to just buy a few gdiapers (maybe the starter kit) and see how YOU like them cuz every mama and every baby is different. In my post,I was raving about the rad rags for inserts, but have found since they are SO think and we have hard water it's almost impossible to get to stink totally out. I'm liking the more economical unbleached indian prefolds better. Please feel free to email me if you have more questions.


  7. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that she sure is beautiful. ;)

  8. Hey Brianna! So great to see you this morning; how long are you guys in town? You might already be gone by now :) Anyway, I love reading about what's happening in your lives ... I promise not to lurk anymore!


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