Thursday, August 27, 2009

He's Not a Baby Anymore

I think it happened awhile ago...this coming into toddlerhood.
Mama is just a little late in accepting it.

My baby...

(photo taken one year ago) not a baby anymore.


  1. he's gotten so much more hair within a year's time! Both of your children are SOOO cute!!

  2. He is so adorable. Is he still doing physical therapy, and is he able to walk without his walker. Ivy is also beautiful and precious.

    Thanks for sharing them with us,


  3. he has changed alot from when he was little but there is one thing thats the same... he will always be cute and love able...

  4. He looks SOOOO much like your husband. He'll break a thousand heart before he's through, I'll be money on it.

  5. He totally looks like Drew! At least in my humble opinion. They both are just beautiful.

    Take care

  6. Wow is he ever growing up. So often we don't see it until we compare pictures and then it's always kind of shocking.

  7. OMG, so adorable. I just want to scoop him up and swirl around dancing.

  8. he is handsome! i'm your new reader btw. have read your blog since morning. you have a great family. may god bless you and your family.


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