Sunday, August 2, 2009


Tomorrow, my love is leaving. For five days.

I can't bear to see him go.

He's taking 17 kids to camp.

I thought about going too, but couldn't bear to leave my other loves.

I'm addicted to my family.

And how very right that feels.


  1. You are both WAY TO STINKIN' Cute! You should call me if you get lonely. I could entertain you with my little men chattering your ear off! =)

    Big Hugs,

  2. It will be hard but you'll appreciate him more once he gets back.

  3. I can't imagine the dishes for ryan when he gets back...five days?!??!

  4. Oh, if only I had enough bottles and pumping gear to make it through five days.

  5. Brianna, our boys are going to be in Canada for over 2 weeks after Jeremy and I head back to Minneapolis from vacation. I will miss them, but I know it's great for them and great for their grandparents. Not to mention that Jeremy and I could use some space.
    I'm addicted to them too!

  6. Addictions aren't all bad. You guys are a beautiful couple...a beautiful family.

    Your comment on my blog led me here. Wow. What a source of faith, strength, courage and beauty you are.

    Thank you.

    PS Love your photos.


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