Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I started cloth diapering. Both the kids.

I know, I know. I’m conjuring up images of pins, poop and plastic pants, and while we can never get away from the…umm…poop, cloth diapering as we knew it, is no more. Google cloth diapers and you’ll find hundreds of websites selling several different types of fancy pants. It’s overwhelming. You’ll read terms like covers and liners and soakers and inserts and doublers. It’s enough to make your head spin, and as I mentioned here, I don’t have the mental capacity for that much head spinning.

And then, if you are brave enough to try cloth diapering, what if you buy the wrong kind? These new fangled cloth diapers are not cheap, and it's not as though you can return something like a diaper.

Still, for a few different reasons, I wanted to embark on this adventure. I knew that after we fronted the initial cost, we would be saving a significant amount of money every month (this was a huge selling point for my husband). I also recently learned that it takes up to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. 500 years? I wouldn’t say I’m super crunchy, but I do want to care for and respect the beautiful earth that God created for us.

The last and main reason for wanting to try cloth diapering is that here have been recent studies showing signs that the chlorine and other synthetic chemicals in diapers are contributing to fertility problems and certain types of cancer. There is not a ton of research out there due to the fact that disposable diapers haven’t been around that long, but can it really be healthy for our children to be sitting in chemicals for two to three years straight? Probably not, and when it comes to my children's health, I prefer to ere on the conservative side.

Ok, so I had all my reasons for wanting to try cloth diapering, but I was still stuck with the dilemma of which kind to use. Thankfully a dear friend came to my rescue.

My roomate from college starting using gdiapers for her new baby and she couldn't say enough about them. Gdiapers are actually a diaper hybrid. They have a cloth cover, a waterproof liner and a flushable insert that has all natural materials that can either be flushed or composted. The inserts are much better for the environment and much better for your baby's bum, which is awesome, but if you're worried about cost, it's actually a bit more expensive since the inserts cost just as much or more than disposables.

Not to fear.

Gdiapers now makes a reusable, ultra absorbent cloth insert. There are also a few other companies (which I used) that make inserts to fit gdiapers. I even found a tutorial on flickr that outlines how to make your own inserts. Sounds great, right? I'm not finished. The best part is that gdiapers has an incredible offer right now. Each diaper typically runs anywhere from $17-$19, but they just came out with an everyday g six pack for $70 and until July 31st (only 2 more days), if you use the code g836Forrest, you get an extra $30 off of the six pack. That brings the cost of each diaper to less than $7!!! Even if you're on the fence about trying cloth, at this price there wouldn't be much to lose.

I took the plunge and I love it. Seriously, love it. It's much easier than I thought it would be.

And just look at these cute rear ends...

Both Sy and Ivy are in a medium everyday little g stuffed with a rad rag (we love these) from punk rock padding. I also stuff the little g's with infant size unbleached indian prefolds. They are a bit more tedious since you have to fold them, but they fit perfectly in the little g's and are more economical than rad rags.

Oh, I love cloth diapering. I could go on and on, but it's late and I need sleep.



  1. I jumped aboard the 'cloth diaper' wagon in January after changing 10-12diapers a day STILL on my then 9month old. He hated, still does, being wet or dirty and the cost of diapers was getting overwhelming for me. I chose to go with the Bum Genius 3.0 and I LOVE THEM as well. I also have some mom-made fitted, that require a cover if you are out and about, and again I am totally in love...wish my husband could say the same, but when I remind him that our initial purchase paid for itself in a month and a half he is much happier to change them! I'm glad you have jumped aboard!!

  2. Cute! I didn't know they made cloth inserts.. is that new?

    We use a mix of prefold w/ covers and pocket diapers (mostly BumGenius). I love cloth diapering too...

    Came here via another blog btw.. the title caught my attention lol

  3. I do cloth, but was too cheap to invest in any of the nice covers or the G-diapers. Layla only has 4 covers and enough prefolds to last about 2 days at the most. So if anyone else wants to try cloth, don't feel like you have to invest a lot of money into the endeavor. I like to wash them often anyway since they get nasty after a couple days.

  4. I love cloth diapering too! We mostly use prefolds with PUL or fleece wrap covers, but I have several pocket and regular fitteds for when we are out and about. I learned to make them recently, so I've been busy sewing newborn sizes for our new baby. I just love the cute little "bubble butt" my daughter has wearing a cloth diaper...and they're so much cuter than disposables too!

  5. I will check out those gdiapers. I use Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius One size. Occasionally I take a break and use some disposables so I don't get burned out on all the washing!

  6. That is awesome! I think I'll splurge on the 6 pack. We cloth diaper now, although I do take breaks. But We spend about $20 a month on diaposables instead of $40 like we were before. And since we are having another baby, maybe this will help even more! My little guy has been 24 pounds forever, so it gets easy when their weight stabalizes. We love Fuzzibuns and Grasshopper baby diapers.

  7. I was going to try cloth diapers until I found out we were going to Baku. Maybe once we are adjusted and settled down there I might try! It was so fun to see you putting it all together the other week- it looks so easy!

  8. Funny how things happen around the same time. We are doing cloth also. I have two toddlers and a baby due in a week. We are doing cloth for the same reasons..money and common sense for the future. We have no way to pay for them so we were blessed when a classmate of ours (from BCOM) had her sister sew us a variety of diapers for FREE. She is sending them out and we can test drive them all to find ones we like. Amazing how God provides. :) Keep us posted on how it goes (since I'll be diving in too) I've done an amazing amount of research but experience means so much more! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh yes, I won't be wasting my time with smalls. Colin was 16 pounds at 4 months, and I can't see the $$ savings in stocking up on any cloth diapers until then.

    I am pregnant, due September 3rd (ahhh!).

  10. LOVE thoes bums!!

    I have often thought about it. We are potty training Sam and not sure how much longer he will be in diapers and with the way Emma is picking up on things, I don't know how much longer she will be in diapers.

    But if we were to ever have another one, I would definitely go with the cloth.

    I also love that ruffle cloth diaper, how cute is that!

    Take care,


  11. Oh, Jodi! I'm with you. I love the little ruffle bum diaper. We can't swing it right now, but maybe soon. :)

  12. Brianna,

    I'm hesitant to get more cloth diapers with velcro because my Bum Genius velcro tabs are really worn out from less than a year of use. Also, do you find that when using a cloth diaper you have to get bigger pants and shorts? Emma can wear 18-24 month shorts and pants when she's in a disposable, but in her cloth diapers she needs a 2T or sometimes even a 3T pants or shorts.

  13. Very, very, very cute little bums! I always wanted to cloth diaper, but our son was much older when we adopted, and other than that unfortunate litter box incident (yeah imagine an 11 year old) we had no need for diapering. The little ones we cared for as foster parents had diapers, but we were not given an option to use cloth. Dumb rules.

    Also wanted to add...I'm the only one of my siblings to have be disposable diapered as an infant. It took longer to potty train me than my siblings, and I wet the bed regularly until I was almost 6. Not that I blame that on the disposable diapers, but it's interesing, isn't it? Also, I'm the only one with fertility issues.
    Anecdotal, yes, but food for thought.

  14. I went now to cloth diapers for my three yr old. He is only needing them for nap and bed time. But I am trying to firugre out why I didn;t go with this before with my older two.. There would have been less diapers in the land fill from me. But I didn't know about them back then.. But now I do. I went with Fuzzi Bunz. And I love them..


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